I started a prayer journal.  Yes, me!  Finally, making time to get away from it all for some quiet time with God.  ♥  Such a good thing.

I’m noticeably blessed when I take time for praying and reading the bible regularly.  God really knew what he was talking about when he said (in Psalm 37:7) to “Be still and rest in the Lord.”  It’s hard to be still when you’re a mom.  And my brain!  Ack, it’s so full of thoughts I can hardly sleep at night.  There doesn’t seem to be a time when I can really, truly “be still”.  There’s always something to plan, worry about, or do.

I knew I needed my God time, though.  I’ve been having problems being happy with my circumstances, even though everyone in my family is healthy, there have been no deaths in my family, we live in a decent neighborhood in an apartment that is pretty nice for an apartment (doesn’t stop me from hating it, lol), and we aren’t going hungry.  I have a good life, a husband that loves me, and a happy, healthy daughter that makes me laugh every day.  Still I find myself struggling.  Unnecessarily.

So I started a prayer journal.  :-)  And although it’s only been two days, it’s been a blessing already!  Did you ever notice, being a mom (or a dad, or a person, lol) that you are the one fixing other people’s troubles all the time?  You try to keep the house neat (sometimes), you wipe tears from your little one’s eyes, you keep everyone fed and healthy, you take on work if your family needs extra income… sometimes you forget to take care of yourself, to give yourself a little time to think about nothing.  Or read a book.  Or take a bath.  Or  __(fill in the blank with what you like to do)___.

So my prayer journal is part devotional journal, part personal journal.  I share what I’m feeling and why, what I did that day, and then write a prayer to God letting Him know what’s going on in my heart.  So why don’t I just set aside some time to pray and forget the journal?  Because I love to write.  And because I need to write so that I can focus.  If I don’t write it as I think it, my mind will inevitably throw some random thought in there and my conversation with God will be abruptly over.  For the moment.  lol  That happens to me all the time.

I’ve also been searching the scriptures and writing down a verse that means something special to me every day.   It’s kind of my power verse – my verse to meditate on and apply to my life.  Today’s verse is:

And they who know Your name (who have experience with your mercy) will lean on and confidently put their trust in You, for you, Lord, have not forsaken those who seek You. {Psalm 9:10}

That’s from the amplified bible.  This verse means a lot to me.  It reminds me that I can always seek Him and, no matter how many times I mess up and drift away, He won’t forsake me.  That’s quite a promise, isn’t it?

And those, my friends, are my thoughts today.  ♥

Do you keep a journal?


12 Responses to Prayer Journals, Quiet Time, and Contentment

  • Sounds like a brilliant idea. I keep a journal…my blog! *LOL*
    .-= CrAzY Working Mom´s last blog ..Pants on the Ground =-.

  • Lindsey – what a wonderful post. I hear you BIG TIME on the whole topic of trying to stop your brain. I think that we as women are multi-taskers to a fault at times in our lives. And it’s just good to hear each other say that it’s ok, no, it’s GOOD to stop sometimes! Just stop. Stop going. Stop figuring out. Stop doing. And just be. Thank you for the encouragement. I have been wanting to start up some yoga- stretching along with quieting my mind. Maybe I will do some tonight….

    • You know, I’ve been wanting to find a good yoga DVD. What do you use? It’s such a relaxing exercise. :-)

      And you totally got what I was talking about – “quieting your mind” is exactly what I meant. My mind is never quiet and I want to change that. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts!

  • I don’t keep a journal, although I have made some attempts to start one. I’m kind of in the same boat you are, I have a good life and good things in it but sometimes I’m so overwhelmed by all my thoughts I just lose sight of being happy and grateful for what I have. Maybe now that you’ve started one I can challenge myself to start one too. And yes, I also need to set some more time aside to pray more, too often it gets brushed aside in my daily work!

  • When I am on track, I keep a prayer journal. (That means that I often get away from it which I regret.) However, I am totally like you… writing helps me focus truly on my thoughts towards God. Writing is an expression for me as well. And even though I keep a blog, it’s public. I view a prayer journal as something that is completely raw and it can be full of ramblings that don’t make sense (but God knows your heart) and it can be full of emotions and thoughts that you may not want the blogging world to know. It is a way to bear your soul to God, willingly.
    So, your post has motivated me to start my journaling back up. I need that quiet time to rest in God… more than ever right now! Thanks for the reminder.
    (Side note: You know what book I LOVE? James. Every single time I read through James, I am reminded of something I needed to be reminded of. I guess that goes for all of the Scriptures, but I really especially love James!)
    .-= Emily Cotton´s last blog ..My Babywearing BabyDaddy. =-.

    • I’m so glad you were encouraged to get back to prayer journaling! :-) And I agree with you that although blogging is a way of journaling, you don’t bear your heart (at least I don’t, always) the way you do with God. And when I write in my journal, I have to quiet my mind and think about how I really am feeling and what I need to pray about in my life. It’s really a good practice in a too-busy world. :-)

      I’m going to read James this morning, thanks for encouraging me back!

  • Thank you for sharing this. I am like you that I can easily have a thought pop into my head of all the things that need done and my conversation with God is interrupted. I always feel guilty when that happens, but know that God understands and know that we are not perfect by any means.

    Our preacher was just referencing that exact verse yesterday in church.
    .-= Samantha´s last blog ..Mom and Tweens: 13 Things To Do In NYC By 13 =-.

    • That’s right, I have to remind myself that He understands! And since He’s gone through living on Earth like we have, he reeeally understands. lol Such a comfort.

  • Such a great thing to be doing!
    I had started using the kids’ nap time as my time to read my Bible and Book of Mormon and pray, and it has made a huge difference for me. But sometimes I get to thinking there are other things to do and decide not to read that day, and I realize that I’M the one who suffers! Thankfully He never ceases to remind me! =)

  • Thanks for stopping by and entering my giveaway–since I’ve started back using my prayer journal it’s helped me so much. I set myself a goal to re-establish change some bad habits and re-establish some good ones, and journaling is part of that–I’m on day 9 so far, and knowing that I’m writing it down also helps keep me motiviated.
    .-= Charlene @ A Virtuous Woman´s last blog ..More "Found" Treasures–White Serving Bowls =-.

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