I almost don’t need to say anything else… ;-)

I’m DONE being pregnant.  I just want to meet my little boy!  I pray the end is near because I’m so miserable I could cry.  I can barely walk when I get out of bed every morning and can only hope that there will never be a fire or some other emergency because there’s no way I could jump out of bed and get anywhere fast.  Tonight I feel worse than usual and wonder if he has moved even lower.  Will it be soon?

I still don’t have my hospital bag packed but I got started tonight.  Better to be somewhat ready than surprised and unprepared!

The good news is that I know when I’m getting whiny and feeling like crying over the state of my pregnant self, the pain and the discomfort… the end isn’t too far off.  And all nervousness about labor and delivery in the future is just GONE.  I don’t care how this baby comes, I just want him to be here in my arms.  I’m ready!


5 Responses to Pregnancy Update (30 Days to Due Date)

  • Once you have your baby in your arms you will forget about everything else!

  • I soooooooo feel your pain. I am ready to be done w/ pregnancy #4. Last night I could barely walk bc he was turning to head down but now hes back to being head up so stinkin uncomfortable. I’m just so excited to meet this little one who was such a surprise and shock yet loved beyong words already. Praying you’ll start feeling better =)

  • Lindsey, you’ll be back to your old self soon, and this all will be a dream that you’ll look back on fondly. Your baby will be in your arms and you, hubby, and Emma will be off on a new and exciting adventure:)

  • I’m right there with you. My due date is Jan. 17, and I’m sure glad I have arms, because my legs don’t work very well to get out of bed in the morning. :) Only 4 more weeks, plus or minus a few days. :)

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