There has been a lot of this going on lately… :)   Every time I turn around she has her nose in a book!

On Monday, I went grocery shopping and Emma pulled out her book (Ramona and her Father) and read the entire time I shopped, glancing up once in awhile to make sure she was following the right person.  It was too cute.  I was even pushing one of those strollers with the toy cars attached to it and she turned it down.


*Stern expression* “NO more growing up, little girl!”

She was surprisingly proficient at walking and reading at the same time, especially for being the daughter of a klutz.  I was a bookworm, too, but was constantly tripping over my too-large-for-my-body feet.   :p

I’m so glad Emma is enjoying the books I have collected for her.  I really didn’t expect her to be too enthralled with Ramona since they are pretty much opposites in personality (well, in many ways), but here she is picking up those books to read on her own!

I reorganized our bookshelf recently and there is now a row of chapter books for her to pick from including Charlotte’s Web, All-of-a-Kind Family, Betsy and Tacy, Pippi Longstocking, Ginger Pye, and more – this was a great move because now she heads over to “her shelf” often to see what she wants to read.  I think Ramona appeals to her because Ramona is a spirited little girl with a mind of her own, a loving family, and her adventures are laugh-out-loud funny.

I’m really just thrilled that she is reading chapter books on her own without any prodding from me.  :)

What books are your kids reading?


8 Responses to Ramona Quimby, Reading While You Walk, & Chapter Books

  • This makes me so happy! Reading is so wonderful and can bring such pleasure! You should post each month her favorite reads. Book reviews by Emma! I would certainly be interested in a six year olds point of view of what she liked and didn’t like about certain stories especially since I have a daughter about the same age! :)

    • This is a GREAT idea! And I’m thinking might be a fun way to do narration next year… hmm… she does love to take videos of herself. haha

      Thanks for the inspiration, Erin. :)

  • Way to cute!!!! Love the reading while shopping! :)

  • When I was about 8 or 9, I was walking home reading a book and got hit by a car. This was the middle of winter.
    I have always wondered what I was reading at the time and my family loves regaling everyone with this embarrassing story.

    • I had to read that first sentence about 5 times to make sure I read it right! Oh my word! Sounds like something I would have done, haha. And I SO want to know what you were reading that was so engrossing. : )

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