The last week has been busy for us!  It’s really feeling like summer right now.  :)  We went to a local fair, picked and dehydrated plums for school-time snacks, and we’ve been spending as much time as we can outside in the sunshine.  I’m finally putting the final touches on Emma’s Kindergarten schedule and feeling the peace of being almost done with my planning and preparing.  All I have left is to order a couple more things and then we’ll be ready.  I cleared out Emma’s workboxes which had been full of random items, put new labels on them, and they’re ready to go for school at the end of this month.  More on that later.  :)

My parents have these amazing yellow plum trees in their backyard – besides being gorgeous the plums are the best I’ve ever tasted!  Emma and grandma spent a long time picking plums to bring home and share with friends:


I kept thinking about Eve in the Garden of Eden while picking and eating these… I wonder what kind of fruit it was that was so tempting?



At home, Emma helped me wash the plums…


then we dehydrated quite a few.  Did you know that dehydrated plums are NOT prunes?  They’re nothing like them!  And they are super delicious.  :)



All ready for school snacks.  :)  In case you’re interested, I dehydrated these for 6-8 hours at 435 degrees.


Something else we did this week – I tried making one of those colored hair gel writing pads for Emma to practice her writing her letters on.  I’m not sure if I’m a fan of this… it works best if you tape it down to something.


We also made zucchini bread with Emma’s homegrown zucchinis this week!


Emma had so much fun making this. :)  And eating it.  I forgot zucchini bread is so good!


Did you do anything fun over the week?

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