I found this somewhere last year but I can’t remember where!

Ten years ago I was:

1. 15 years old and contemplating becoming a veterinarian
2. Or a writer
3. Or an Archeologist
4. Living in Georgia and being homeschooled
5. Loving taking walks with my Collie and fascinated that there were fireflies in the south!

Five things on tomorrow’s (Saturday’s) “To Do” list:

1. Watch The Skeleton Key with a friend (her first time seeing it).
2. Straighten the house *ugh*.
3. Start up on my crocheting again! One of my Christmas presents to my mom was a promise that I would crochet her two dishcloths every month for the year. :-)
4. Chase the baby around the house (she is getting SO mobile!).
5. See my sister for the first time since Thanksgiving! :-)

Snacks I enjoy:

1. Graham crackers (I bought them for the first time in years for my daughter now that she’s eating solids and I’m eating more than her, LOL).

2. Baby carrots and Romaine lettuce dipped in Ranch dressing.
3. Oranges (any kind of fruit really)
4. Sunflower seeds.
5. Dark chocolate (YUM).
Things I would do if I were a millionaire:
1. Travel! Would love to go to England…
2. And Ireland!
3. And Paris!
4. Okay, practically – I would buy a house and land and pay off all our debt.
5. Open a bookstore with a coffee shop for fun. :-)

Places I have lived:

1. Alaska
2. Georgia (ugh)

3. Pacific Northwest

4. In the city
5. In the country next to a creek (my favorite place)
Things that infuriate me:

1. Infuriate is a strooong word. Um, Women letting themselves be sex objects.
2. Drunk drivers.

5 things people may not know about me:

1. I grew up in Alaska.
2. I’ve taken figure skating lessons and love to ice skate!
3. I play piano and have written my own songs.
4. I’m a Medical Transcriptionist.
5. I love to read. (ha!)

I’m tagging everyone who reads this! If you do fill it out and post it let me know! :-)


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