Isaac at last year's campout

Isaac at last year’s campout

  • We’re getting ready to go away camping for the weekend.  I so have mixed feelings about this – it’s going to be fun I know but I am not a camping girl!  I love the day stuff – really love it – but I am one of those people who can only sleep well in her own bed.  I feel silly even saying this because we won’t really be roughing it… my parents are coming and they’re bringing their fifth wheel, which means I won’t have to sleep on the cold, lumpy ground in a tent.  YES!The kids are so looking forward to this, they can hardly contain themselves.  Isaac talks nonstop about how he will be “building a fire” (doesn’t that just figure?) and Emma is over the moon about all the friends she’ll be with and the things we’ll be able to do together.  It’s a church campout so there will be games and lots of food and plenty to keep everyone busy.  I’m sure once I get us all packed up and we get out there I’ll get out of “practical mom mode” and be able to relax.  We went last year and Isaac didn’t sleep well at night, but I think he’ll do better this year.  He’s changed a lot in a year!  Does anyone else go camping with little kids much?

    Planning nature study and math

    Planning nature study and math

  • School-wise, I am feeling SO much better than I was before about getting started and our choices.  Wanna know what happens when someone tells you, “You don’t need a curriculum for Kindergarten, you just play with counters and stuff for math and read together/cook, etc for science.”?  Well, if you aren’t someone who needs to plan ahead you’re probably fine but to me what sounded so simple at first took me days, weeks to organize!  I decided to put together my own science/nature study and math curriculum based on hands-on math and nature books I found and things I came across on Pinterest, and I felt pretty overwhelmed for awhile there.  It was a JOB.  I honestly am not sure I want to do it again – buying something already put together sounds REALLY good right now, though I may do unit studies for science/nature study again if I don’t find a good mild elementary science curriculum that leans toward Charlotte Mason’s ideas.The problem is that I’ve had a taste of the freedom of going wherever I want with the year and it might be hard to let go and let someone else tell me what to teach next year.  ;-)  Anyway, now that all the planning is finished and I can see the big picture I’m really excited about our “school” year and think it’s going to be perfect for us.  And yes, now that I’m finished planning for this year I’m already thinking about next year… but I honestly can’t decide whether I should go with something like Heart of Dakota (which looks really fun to me) or stick with AO.  I think the best thing to do will be to STOP thinking about it (I’ll have to tell my brain to shush often throughout the year probably) and wait and see where Emma is at next year.  So much depends on that!DSC_0003
  • I got our workboxes organized (emptied out – they kind of became a catch-all) and made some new princess-themed labels that Emma loves.  I meant to get all the princesses but somehow I missed Merida, how sad!  One of my favorite princesses.  :)  Ignore the mess around the workboxes, these are sitting in my shelf that also doubles as my sewing storage.

    Yes, that is celery - and a SMILE.  ;-)

    Yes, that is celery – and a SMILE. ;-)

  • I have one very picky eater who practically lives on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and one child who will eat anything.  Emma asks for snacks right after we’ve eaten a meal, and doesn’t mind eating veggies raw as long as she’s munching on something.  She loves celery, isn’t that something?  I know, I consider myself lucky there.  Isaac on the other hand refuses to touch so many things, getting him to eat veggies is hard!  I sneak them into smoothies as often as I can – stick some bananas and berries in there and you can’t taste them at all.   And he does love his smoothies, so that’s a positive.  I didn’t really understand how people could let their kids be SO picky until Isaac came, though.  You should never judge another mom, folks.  You have no idea unless you have raised their children.  ;-)Well, I’m off to pack for camping!  Have a great weekend, everyone!sig


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