• I went to the dentist today – phase I of Operation Root Canal was completed. Why oh why is it taking two or three visits to get this done? Good grief! lol Today I got my teeth cleaned and the evil tooth checked out, drilled, and a temporary filling put in place. Friday I go in and get the actual root canal. *sigh* Now that I’ve bored you with that…
  • Why do dentists ask you questions when your mouth is full of instruments and hands, AND they’re drilling? I can hardly hear let alone answer!
  • It kind of makes me nervous when a dentist jokes with her assistant right in front of me that neither of them know anything… dentists have a weird sense of humor.
  • My neighbor has a new kitten. I want a kitten!

  • I just bought another four pacifiers and another straw sippy cup yesterday. We’re always losing pacifiers and there are never enough sippy cups somehow… I wonder how much I’ve spent on these necessary items so far?
  • Toys. I’m ready to write a post on toys. Of all the toys we have, there are a precious few Emma actually plays with over and over – usually the cheapest, simplest ones.
  • My baby is growing up! Slowly but surely, her baby fat is falling off. She’s a silly little girl who entertains me with her antics 24/7. Who needs TV? Oh wait, she does. ;-) At least Baby Signs.

  • I was thinking yesterday that now that I’m grown up, I have to be the one to plan and cook dinners forever – until I’m dead. That is a sad, depressing thought. I hate planning meals! lol I wonder if we’ll ever be able to afford hiring a maid…
  • I need clothes. I guess I should wait until Fall now…

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5 Responses to Random Tuesday Thoughts from a Kindred Spirit

  • I vote for a maid and a cook!

  • Your daughter is a cutie!

    I'm with you on the talking at the dentist thing. The hygenist was asking me questions this morning about potty training. Like that's a conversation that I can have while someone is scraping my teeth!

    And I'm also in the process of a root canal. On a tooth with a crown already, so I get to go to the endodontist. Fun!

  • Thanks for dropping by and reading all my venting and leaving such a sweet comment! I really appreciate it. It's amazing how much it helps just to put things in writing and have someone say "it's okay, you're not crazy, I understand." It really did help!

  • Your daughter is adorable.

    Love the style of this post. Very easy to read and interesting topics.

  • it is so funny the only way that the grandbaby will use a sippy cup is if it has a straw that is so funny

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