I had a grrrreat weekend! How about you all? We went to the park, visited family, and totally wore ourselves to a frazzle. What’s a frazzle, you ask? Let me “Google it” for ya…


1. Exhaust physically or emotionally.
2. A state of extreme exhaustion

3. Frazzle is the only Muppet monster intended to be “scary”, in the children’s television series Sesame Street.
(wait, that’s not the definition I wanted)

Anyway, you got my point. We exhausted ourselves, but in a good way. :-)

And you know I can’t help but share some of my favorite photos:

Some random thoughts (I haven’t been sharing enough of these lately, I know):

♥ Has anyone been watching Little Dorrit on PBS? Last night was Part 4 and it was so good! I’m definitely going to want to buy this when it comes out on DVD (if it isn’t out already). I’m thinking of recapping in a separate post… anyone interested? I did recap Little Dorrit part two not long ago.

♥ Is it possible to teach a one-year-old child to STOP throwing her food over the side of her highchair? After every single meal there’s a sea of veggies, fruits, or soft meats on our floor. *sigh* Even when I try to make sure she doesn’t have so much that she gets tired of eating and target practice begins, it doesn’t help!

♥ Papa Murphy’s stuffed pizzas are SO good!

♥ I’m making an Amish bread from starter. Totally new from me, but fun! It smells a little sour (think sourdough starters) but the bread turns out SO good! The thing that cracks me up about this is that you have to add vanilla pudding mix to the starter before baking (along with other ingredients)… now wherever did the Amish get their vanilla pudding mixes, I wonder? ;-)

♥ Latest Netflix rental: Tales from Avonlea Season 6 disc 2. I LOVE Tales from Avonlea! I secretly wish I could be transported into that time and place. I would thrive there.

Literary update:

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a reading update – I haven’t stopped reading, I assure you! Right now I’m reading So Long, Status Quo by Susy Flory (Excellent! Can’t wait to review it!) and Beyond This Moment by Tamera Alexander. Both are so good and it’s wonderful to be able to read to great books at the same time. :-) I also just finished A Claim of Her Own by Stephanie Grace Whitson. Reviews coming soon!


That’s all that I can think of right now – a little girl is running (figuratively) around the house getting into everything… she’s currently finding crumbs in the kitchen and, instead of using her hands, completely lowering her face to the ground to pick it up with her mouth. Yup, that’s my daughter. Talented.

And no, mother – I am not starving her!

Thank you sooo much for sharing this post! :-)



6 Responses to Randomocity – and a Literary Update!

  • My son throws food across the kitchen. My wife and I have both been struck by flying foodstuffs.

  • It looks you all had a lot of fun and beautiful weather.

    I love Papa Murphy’s pizza.

    I love the word frazzle, its very fun.

  • The picture of Emma “eating” the basketball is priceless! She’s such a cutie.

    I haven’t seen Avonlea in ages. I lived for the Disney Channel preview weekends when I was a kid! (And loved visiting friends who had the Disney Channel!)

  • I love to see pics of your precious little girl..She is ADORABLE!

  • love the random thoughts, and your daughter is precious (oh and my boys do the same thing with their food) I have never made Amish bread, but would love to one day.

  • Your daughter is adorbale!!! I went to buy “So Long Status Quo” immediately after seeing the image used on the cover : ) It is the same as the image used on my blog minus the suitcase and with a different wall. I have to read it, it soounds like my life as well!!!! Thanks for sharing~

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