Time for a random update!  :)

♥  Someone asked me recently what’s new with me.  Do you ever just have NO answer for that?  I was racking my brain for something interesting to tell, but came up with nothing.  I have a 2-year-old and a 5-year-old, I stay at home with them and take care of the house.  Everyday life is FULL, but it’s not exactly exciting:  Keeping the house clean(ish), the kids presentable(ish), teaching them to be civilized (ha), and keeping everyone fed is what my life consists of.  There are a few extras, of course… I read, I draw, sometimes I sew (but not lately), and lately schooling has been on my mind a lot since we’re getting ready to start our Kindergarten year.  But new?  Not a lot.  That can be a good thing, right?  :)

♥  The kids have colds right now.  I hate it when my little ones are sick, I feel so helpless!  Especially when they are are asking me to fix their sore throats or coughs.  Isaac was moaning, “Oh nooooo!” after every sneeze and Emma has a sore throat.  John and I haven’t caught it so far and I’m hoping we can fight it off – either way, I’m glad that I’m feeling okay while they are sick.  It’s the worst when you are ALL sick at the same time.  One thing I am very very thankful for is the essential oils I have – they have made this so much more bearable!  There isn’t a lot you can do for a 2-year-old medicine-wise so being able to put the Breathe, On Guard, and Lavender oils on his chest was a relief.  And he definitely was breathing easier when I kept the oils applied.  A couple of mornings ago he woke up with a cough that scared me – it was a really loud barking cough and I immediately worried that he might get something worse than just a regular cold.  I looked up “whooping cough” on www.everythingessential.me (I am there all the time looking up symptoms and conditions) and it recommended Cypress oil which I just happened to have ordered recently so I put that on his chest with the Breathe.  The next day the barking cough was gone and he just had a regular cough and it sounded like things were breaking up in his chest, and today he is hardly coughing at all.  I just can’t recommend these oils enough!  I really need to share more about the DoTerra essential oils, especially how we use each one.  If you’re interested in learning more, I did share about Peppermint oil and the DoTerra essential oils in general here.

♥  I’ve been making time to read lately, mainly because I found a fantastic author I love, Kate Morton.  A friend recommended her book The Forgotten Garden – it was such a wonderful, haunting read I both wanted to read it quickly and find out what was going to happen and I wanted to savor it so it wouldn’t end too soon.  After I finished it, I bought two other books by the same author, The Distant Hours and The House at Riverton.  I am almost finished with the latter and found it to be just as enveloping as the first though I wish that I knew more of what the main character’s thoughts were at times (maybe not quite as developed as the first book I read which is actually a later and one of her more popular novels).  Still it’s an exceptional story and one that lovers of Downton Abbey would like since it’s an upstairs/downstairs type plot.


♥  I’m also reading (yeah, I’m one of those) Legacy by Mary Stewart, an Arthurian saga of four novels, and am deeply impressed with it – it’s fantastic!  I really should have read those when I was a kid, I would have loved them I’m sure.  I went through an Arthurian stage where I devoured everything related to King Arthur and his knights of the round table.  The reason I started reading Legacy was because I was in search of anything related to Merlin after watching the season finale of Merlin, the TV series.  I really enjoyed watching that show and can’t believe it’s over, especially like that.  Have you seen it yet?  Seriously, don’t get me started.  I am not happy.  It all seemed so hurried, and there was no closure whatsoever!  Aaaah!  So yeah, I decided it was time to find something else Merlin-related to kind of get my mind off the series.  I’m hopeful that the books will end better than the TV series did.


(P.S. That had better not really be the end of the Merlin series.)

I would love to know what you’re reading right now!  And what you thought of the end of the Merlin series if you have seen it yet…  if not, it’s on Netflix instant now.


2 Responses to Randomocity: What I’m Reading, Merlin TV Series Blues, & More

  • It sounds like our lives are possibly quite similar. :) I rarely have any good answers that don’t involve something about the kids, schooling, or the house. I SO need to make time for reading something for myself. I have been looking for a good book so I may have to check out The House At Riverton. When you say haunting… do you mean scary? LOL

    • Not scary, just … haunting? ;-) More like the story haunts you I guess. Yeah, I’m dramatic.

      I would start with The Forgotten Garden, that one was really really good! What kinds of books do you usually read?

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