Richard Scarry’s animal friends and their adventures have been loved for generations, and now there are beginning readers available for various reading levels so that little ones can read them for themselves!  Much to my delight, we were given the opportunity to review two of their beginning readers.  Emma is devouring books left and right, so having some new reading material for her is awesome – especially when the readers feature some of her favorite characters!  I also love that these are books Isaac will be able to read in the future as well.


These are the two we received:

Richard Scarry's Great Big Schoolhouse Readers

In Snow Dance (Level 1 Reader), Huckle the cat and his friends try to figure out how they can “make” snow for their sleds, and in One, Two, Ah-Choo! (Level 2 Reader), Huckle and Lowly find themselves taking care of their friends who have colds.


Emma enjoyed both of these books, and to my surprise was able to read through both of them with minimal help (except with a few names).  She and I both laughed at the antics of the characters, especially their silly idea to make snow by finding all the ice in town and dumping it on a hill so they could use their new sleds in Snow Dance, and the dramatic “AH-CHOO”ing of each animal friend as they knocked things over and flew across the room due to their powerful sneezes in One, Two, Ah-Choo!.  Emma also pointed out something I hadn’t noticed at first (my observant daughter… she doesn’t get this from me!) – there is a hidden yellow glowbug to find on each spread of pages just as there is in the regular books!


I think these are a great addition to a child’s beginning reader collection!  If you’re a fan of Richard Scarry at all you will surely enjoy reading these short, easy-to-read stories with your child as I did.  :)

Want the Books?

You can find Richard Scarry’s Great Big Schoolhouse Readers at for less than $4.00.  Snow Dance and One, Two, Ah-Choo are currently only $3.65 (shipped free if you have Prime!).

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