My hubby surprised me with a dozen roses and a Costco-sized bag of mini candy bars for Valentine’s Day…

Even though we were up to our necks in new baby work and couldn’t get out for a date on Valentine’s Day, I thought it was so sweet of him.  :)  I wasn’t expecting anything!

Although I’m not sure about the wisdom of getting me a Costco-sized bag of mini candy bars that are SOOOOO yummy I can’t stay away from them.  I mean, I am trying to get rid of baby weight here!  Oh well.  ;-)

What did you do for V-Day?


3 Responses to Roses (How Was Your Valentine’s Day?)

  • We had one of the worst Valentine’s Days ever. It was at no fault of my hubby. He had to work, and I had to deal with some stressful situations while he was gone. It included having our water line cut in 4 places and having to spend the night at my MIL’s house. Hubby was so sweet, though. He showed up at his mom’s house with a bag full of my favorite candies – chocolate covered cherries, chocolate covered marshmallows, and more. Just what I needed on such a stressful day! ;) He is such a good man, though. He tried so hard to make sure our evening wasn’t completely ruined. I just love him.

    Looks like you got yourself a pretty good man too! Those roses are gorgeous!!

  • Hubs forget the date! I was busy with doctor appt then off the Physical therapy and left a box of chocolate and a card on his recliner for when he got up.. when I got back home later in the day, I can see he was miserable that he forgot, I had to grin, because I knew he would forget, with all the kids down with the flu and 2 with the whooping cough, he totally forgot.
    To make up for it, he shared his chocolate with all the kids,and made his special spaghetti dinner that everyone loves

  • I posted mine on my blog. Go there, read, and comment…

    I love chocolate and the roses he got you are very beautiful! :)

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