Easy Homeade Cereal Bars

I made these this morning and cannot BELIEVE how delicious they are!

I’m already planning a triple- or quadruple-batch so we can stock up on them.  They are that good!  And they’re crazy easy to make – Emma helped and could probably do the whole thing herself (with help with the oven part).  All that is in the “crust” is flour (oat, whole wheat, and white), brown sugar, butter, and vanilla.  And the filling is jam – I used blueberry with great results.  :)

You can find this amazing recipe at Once-a-Month-Mom.

Note:  After removing this from the oven, WALK AWAY.  If you don’t, you’ll be taken over by the irresistible temptation to take a bite of one too early and burn your mouth like I did.  ;-)

2nd Note:  Also if you wait like you should, the jam won’t be dribbling out like it is in that photo. 



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