It’s time for Say it Forward at 5 Minutes for Mom again! Wow, the week has flown by. As always. I really shouldn’t say that anymore because I’ll start repeating myself. Often. Wow, time flies! Wow, time flies!

Back onto the subject, Lindsey. (Yes, I talk to myself on occasion. Hey, someone has to keep me in line!)

Today’s featured commenter is Kelly (Kalea_Kane) from EnRoute To Life! Kelly is one of the first people who took an interest in me and my blog and I really appreciate that. :-) She’s one of the people who encouraged me to keep going, whether she meant to or not. Thanks, Kelly!

A little bit about Kelly (in her own words):

“New to Arizona. I have lived on both coasts…I may be working my way inward now. :) I am the mom of a pretty awesome 13-year-old boy and the wife of a very amazing man. I have been blessed beyond measure when it comes to love, and isn’t that really where the blessings count the most? I like to watch people and often I like to comment. I also enjoying helping people, but I kind of get saddened by seeing the same person always in the same boat. EDIT: Okay I am not so new to Arizona, but I still have been here less than two years. Love it and my husband more and more each day!!!!!!”

About her blog:

Kelly has such a great personality, that’s why I love her blog. Uplifting and fun! She reviews all kinds of books, has great giveaways going (you should check it out now because she’s got a ton of giveaways right now!), and is a meme addict (*grin*) – and they’re never boring – I end up laughing through them usually. Not at her, WITH her! :-)

Her recent blog posts:

Kelly, go ahead and put this button in your sidebar – be proud! lol

Mom It Forward Award

We’re going to close with some good advice from Kelly:

“Enjoy EVERY moment in your wedding gown. You can’t stay in it forever…SO UNFAIR!!!!”

Thank you sooo much for sharing this post! :-)



One Response to Say it Forward Featured Commenter: En Route To Life

  • Oh Lindsey, you are the dearest!

    Make me get all misty why dontcha! ;)

    And yeah…totally always meant the encouragement. You rock and gotta love your little Ella! :)

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