Ready to take a journey through the human body with us?  The Human Body in 360 Degrees takes kids on an interactive adventure learning about how their bodies work!  It includes a CD-ROM that is inserted into your computer and features five virtual, 360-degree journeys through the parts of the body being read about.  As you read, you can explore to your heart’s content!  (See the virtual journeys in the video below.)


 There are five subjects covered in this book:

1.  Digestion 2. Breathing 3. Circulation 4. Hearing 5. New Life

Each section contains questions and answers, facts about each area being featured as you explore it virtually, and photos that are realistic with a colorful, 3-D quality.


 If your child has ever wanted to see what the inside of their bodies look like, or if you’ve ever caught your kids looking inside each other’s mouths with a flashlight for fun (as I have), this book and the virtual tour will fascinate and show them just how exciting science can be.  Honestly, even I learned quite a bit and was more than ready to take control of the mouse and view the inside of the body from all angles myself.  ;-)

Some of the questions answered in the book include:

Why do I need air? What happens when I swallow? What happens if I don’t chew my food properly? What happens when my heart beats? Why do we have two ears?

Here’s a video I made sharing how the virtual journeys work:

For best results,  view in full screen.

How We Used It/Final Thoughts:

We used The Human Body in 360 Degrees as a science resource for my 6-year-old daughter and it was an immediate hit with my little science-lover.  She loved the interactivity of the virtual journeys!  The book does a good job of covering what we’re seeing as we pan around the inside of the throat, stomach, nose, etc.  If your child asks, “What’s that?”, you can turn a page or two and find out what it is and what it does (assuming you don’t already know, mom and dad!).

My only beef with this book is about the topics covered – instead of the five senses, they throw “how babies are made” in there (without too much detail, thankfully).  I would have liked to see eyesight covered instead perhaps.  That said, Emma was enthralled by images depicting the growth of the baby (though most of the information is way above her head at the moment).  I also would like to note that the book says “foetus” and “baby-to-be” instead of “baby”, even at 8 months along – I didn’t like that.  I believe a baby is a baby from the moment he or she begins growing.

Overall, I have found this to be a very helpful resource for learning about the human body and getting a good visual of how it works/where things are inside.  If you have a child with a visual/hands-on type learning style who enjoys reading educational fact and question-and-answer type books, this is for you!


 The Human Body in 360 Degrees is published by

and retails for $24.95.  You can also find it at Amazon.com for $22.45 at the time of this posting.

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