I’m starting to feel good in this pregnancy for the first time!  Up until now it’s been all-day morning sickness, extreme exhaustion, and just a general feeling of BLAH.  (In my last pregnancy post I shared all of my misery…Now I’ve hit the 16-week mark and am feeling better.  YAY!

I didn’t want my memories of my entire second pregnancy to be negative, especially when I keep hearing about how happy other pregnant moms are.

I want to share in that happiness!  I want to feel good, too!  After all, I’m having a baby, a joyful and momentous time in my life – I want to feel joyful about it!

The only thing dampening my mood right now is that I’ve gained more than I’m happy with.  Seriously, I’ve been really sick but I couldn’t stop eating!  I was picky about what I ate but being sick didn’t stop me from being hungry.  I didn’t throw up, either – it all stayed inside me.  Healthier for the baby, but I’ve “grown” a bit more than I wanted to.  I must not be quite over the edge though because I can still fit in some of my pre-pregnancy pants.  But still, I’ve gained in more than just my tummy.

I’m SO thankful that I’m not quite as picky in my eating now.  I’ve been eating salads for the past two days and choosing healthier snacks (carrot sticks, whole wheat cereal, etc).

I think what really put the weight on was how much fast food I was eating since I was too tired to cook.

I can keep things more balanced now, and keep my prenatal vitamins down, too – so I think I’m on a healthier track for the rest of my pregnancy.  That makes me feel good about myself… at least I have the energy to try to have a healthy pregnancy now!

I’ve also had more energy for exercise and have been walking and working out with my Wii Fit and EA Sports Active More Workouts almost every day.  I feel a lot better after I work out so I know it’s a good thing.  And I’ve been staying accountable with the Wii Mommies on the forum (they have weekly check-in posts that you can update every day with your progress – it’s great for staying accountable!).

If you are or have been pregnant, did you feel better in your second trimester?


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  • I was REALLY sick in my first trimester with this baby–not throwing up, but felt so ill I could barely stand up. It stunk!!

    I know what you mean about caving to the fast food. I went from sick to starving, and when I am STARVING and out, sometimes it’s a necessity. But I almost always regret it. Need to work on keeping snacks in the car!

    I feel better physically in this second trimester (I’m 20 weeks), but less emotionally stable. I stink at being pregnant, so I am with you. Not everyone is a happy preggo!!
    .-= Vanderbilt Wife´s last blog ..BlogHop 10 =-.

    • lol – Glad I’m not the only one who stinks at being pregnant! :) And I found it somewhat insulting that I could feel THAT sick – like I needed to throw up but couldn’t – and I didn’t even have any evidence of it. I think my husband thought I was faking it part of the time.

      And congrats to you on being 20 weeks! (And I know what you mean about being less emotionally stable – it is TOUGH and I’m up and down a lot.)

  • I remember being sick during my first trimester but also felt better in the 2nd, so I totally know what you’re talking about! Hope you continue to feel good! Take care!!!
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  • Lindsey ~ I’m so glad you are feeling better. I was always miserable during my first trimester and third trimester. But the second trimester was like a vacation, plus such a joyous time because you get to start feeling your little miracle move and if you are interested you learn the sex of the baby. I was always worried about the weight thing too. But I took advantage of the second trimester to exercise more. Wish I had had a Wii back then! :)
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    • Exactly – feeling that baby move and then knowing whether it’s a boy or girl and being able to start building up your nursery supplies is fun. :) I’m definitely exercising more now, so glad to be feeling better!

  • I was sick my first trimester (I was throwing up…every day at exactly 6am), and exhausted, plus I had headaches as well. I also gained tons of weight which was hard because I’ve always been skinny, but I figured if that’s what my baby needed, then I was willing to be fat for awhile. I felt tons better by 18 weeks and my only problems after that was heartburn which I got in my 3rd trimester…so the 2nd trimester was definitely my favorite!

    Don’t worry too much about the weight. With my son I gained 40 pounds and before I had him I had already gained about 10-15 lbs. more than I wanted. By the time he was 6 months old I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight but by the time he started crawling and walking, the weight was sliding off and I lost a total of 75 lbs. since his birth without really trying…my son kept me so busy! So I understand the weight thing, but like you said…having a healthy baby is what’s important! Good luck!
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    • Thanks for the encouragement! I’ve been skinny for most of my life too, so I guess you know how much it bothers me when I gain! But I lost real quick after my first so hoping that happens again. Well, I’ll make sure it happens. :)

  • With my first the second tri was a breeze (all the tired and sick stuff ended and I wasnt huge yet), with my second my first tri was ok but my second kicked my booty! I got morning sickness through 18 weeks or so and was so tired because I had a baby to take care of as well (my daughter was 5 months when we got pregnant the second time). I ate way too much fast food as well. I am still trying to lose the baby weight – two in 14 months really took a toll!
    .-= Jessica´s last blog ..Better Birthing – My First Article on MamaBuzz! =-.

    • Wow, two in 14 months! I can’t imagine. lol

      With the second though you are definitely more tired because you have a baby to take care of throughout your pregnancy – you’re not free to rest like you were with the first.

  • Yeah, I still have a hard time imagining it too ;)
    .-= Jessica´s last blog ..Better Birthing – My First Article on MamaBuzz! =-.

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