I think these are absolutely adorable! Summer is coming and with it the lovely (but unforgiving) sun which means that I’ll have to start thinking of ways to keep the sun out of my daughter’s eyes. This would be perfect, not to mention super cute!

About ShadyBaby:

Before starting a family, Heather Leslie and Brian Winterling bought an ‘around-the-world’ plane ticket to scratch their world travel itch (for the moment). While in countries like Thailand and Vietnam, they adopted the local custom of walking with a parasol to help block the relentless summer sun. Then in Europe, they noticed that most of the children’s buggies were parasol-equipped as well and wondered what the strollers were wearing back home in the USA.

When they returned to Denver, CO, which has over 300 days of sunshine, they were surrounded by families pushing strollers with all manner of insufficient sun protection: blankets draped off of the small built-in shades, umbrellas that were poorly constructed and just plain boring, or worse yet, nothing at all! Inspired by world tradition, contemporary style and modern manufacturing techniques, ShadyBaby was born.


♥ Universal clamp fits most strollers and joggers
♥ Easy to attach and remove
♥ Water repellent umbrella
♥ Quick release: leave clamp in place while removing parasol

♥ Also fits many wheelchairs, portable cribs, swings and folding chairs
(I like this idea!)
♥ Folds down for easy packing and travel

And, at $35, these stylish parasols are very affordable!

Thank you sooo much for sharing this post! :-)



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