I don’t remember having much trouble bathing Emma when she was a baby.  I used one of those tubs with a mesh sling hanging over it and since she loved bath time it never occurred to me to try a different tub.

Emma as a baby:

My second baby, Isaac, isn’t a lover of bath time.  I’ve been through two different tubs with him in the four months since he came into this world and he’s rejected them both with bloodcurdling screams and thrashing limbs.  By the time bath time is over my shoulders are killing me and my nerves shot.  For awhile I just wiped him down with warm washcloths in the living room on a towel to avoid the drama and trauma (on both of us).

Rejected Bathtub #1:

In the very beginning I tried a fold-up mesh seat, and he was okay with that for a short time.  He seemed to get cold too fast on it, though… and he also floated up when there was more water so I decided to ditch it and try the Tummy Tub (which was a huge hit with my daughter).

Rejected Bathtub #2:

The Tummy Tub is something I used with Emma for about 6 months when she was 2 years old and she LOVED it.  I tried to give Isaac a bath in it a total of three times… during each of which he screamed and flailed his limbs most of the time.  Poor little guy, he just was NOT happy at all.  So I gave up on that and went back to the washcloth baths.

The Successful Bathtub Attempt:

I shared my bathtub woes with my mom and she told me that when I was a baby she used a cheap little sponge mat and it worked great.  So I looked it up and they still make them!  They’re not as popular as all of the fancy bathtubs that keep being invented, its just a simple spongey bath cushion that you put on the tub floor.

Well I tried it last night and I LOVE it.  But more importantly, Isaac loved it!  It was the first time we had a completely positive bath experience with NO crying whatsoever.  Yes!

Look!  A happy expression!  In the TUB!

I’m a fan of this sponge because:

  • It’s cheap (less than $5 at Babies R Us or KMart!)
  • It keeps Isaac warm (constant warm water at his back)
  • It’s soft and comfy

Here’s what it looks like so you know it when you see it.  :)

I am so sold on this.  I only wish it was a little bigger so Isaac could use it longer!  But honestly he’s already sitting up as much as he possibly can and was sitting up in the tub with my hand on his arm.   He’ll be supporting himself in no time and then he can just sit on the sponge.

Oh and yes, he DID try to roll over onto his stomach while lying on that sponge!  Gotta watch him like a hawk!



7 Responses to Share Your Experience With Baby Bath Tubs!

  • We used a sponge tub inside a baby tub and it worked really well. What also helped, was this large washcloth meant to cover up a baby to keep him/her warm. It’s called the BathLuve (http://www.bathluve.com/) but I’m sure you could just use a handtowel and keep wetting it with warm water.

  • I also used one like the first one you showed with my second – but my problem was she was SO long she didn’t stay on it long. I just ended up holding her up with one hand and bathing her with the other. Thankfully she was sitting up at about 5mo so it was a little easier :)

  • Congrats on finding a solution to you little bath problem with the kiddo!
    I always thought those plastics tubs were uncomfortable and such a drag to clean and stow away.

  • Glad you found something that works. I used the sponge for both of my boys in their baby tubs. Success for both. Good luck and hope he keeps liking it.

  • My little guy (4 months old) likes the tub, but to save time, I’ve just been taking him in the shower with me. I’ve been doing this ever since he got a cold at 6 weeks old and I started taking him in the shower to help him breathe better. I realized how easy and quick it was, and it stuck. :)

    • Showering with my babies is easier for me, too. Some people say they are afraid they’ll drop their baby but I never am… lol. I just keep a very good grip on their wiggly little selves. Maybe it’s because my babies always enjoyed it more than bathtubs, though. :) If a baby was screaming bloody murder the whole time it would be miserable.

  • We were given a few of this big plastic tubs with Bryson, but never used any of them. We use the sink for the first few weeks and the switch to the mesh seat. Thankfully, both of my babies enjoy bath time though, so there hasn’t been a need to shop around. I’ve saw those sponges and sometimes, simple is best. I’m glad you finally found something that works!

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