Here’s what it looks like now… (straightened)

I tucked it under to see what it would look like shorter:

Maybe I should just color it if I want a change, LOL – cutting it is so permanent!

What do you think?

Thank you sooo much for sharing this post! :-)



21 Responses to Should I cut my hair?

  • Give it a go for the summer, it will grow back :)

  • OH Lindsey! Such a hard choice. I love your hair the way it is. BUT…I can totally relate to a need for a change. How long does it take for your hair to grow? The length you have it tucked under isn't too short so it wont be a freak out. :) With color watch out. You forget what your natural is after a while. ;)

    Personally, I LOVE your hair, but you could do some really cute things with that length too.

    I was no help at all! :)



  • Very permanent. I think in cutting your hair, you'd look younger but, it's up to you and would depend on the style.

  • Ellybean: But is younger better? lol Not sure…

    Kalea_kane: I wouldn't cut it any shorter than shoulder length… not sure what I'm going to do yet, lol.

    kyooty: You are very persuasive! lol Soooo tempted…

  • I think your hair would be adorable cut shorter, go for it, rock it out!

  • I wouldn't. I like it long. Has that for being honest?

  • I have been in your shoes often. I seem to go from long to short and then back again all the time. It's always fun to do a fun short cut..but I always seem to miss it long. Keep us posted.

  • I always love a new cut. I get in hair ruts and chop it off. i think cutting is better that always sporting a ponytail…like i have RIGHT now! I think your hair would look great shorter.
    What color would you do?

  • Oh good grief, you guys are no help! lol You all tell me different things! ;-) Teasing.

    Mommyof2girlz: Thanks! :-)

    Brimful Curiosities: I love your honesty! lol Who doesn't like hearing their hair looks good? haha

    Sherri: That's my problem… I either love it or hate it. lol And I almost always can't wait to grow it out again. This is the longest it's been in years so maybe I should give it a bit longer…

    A Family Completed: I'm totally in a rut. I want a new look! I don't have to cut it all off to do that though… I want to do highlights and lowlights actually, with a bit of red mixed in. I've always loved red hair – I wanted to be Anne of Green Gables with her auburn hair. :-)

    Let me be honest and tell you all that my husband said he likes it the way it is… I probably will end up just getting it trimmed or something. I think this whole rut is really my fault – I cut my bangs myself not long ago using a youtube video and although it looked okay for awhile I can't get it to look even now. SO I have to pin part of the bangs back until they grow out again. Stupid me! Trying to save money…

    Still interested in opinions!

  • Well for color i was totally going to suggest something with red in it since I think you could really go with it. I like a chocolatly auburn color with a deep red in it. That's what I want but I'm a chicken, lol.

  • Well, my hair used to be super duper long (down to my waist). I cut it a little bit above my shoulders, and LOVED it, but missed my long hair. I then cut it REALLY short, and liked it, but now I'm going to be stubborn and grow it out again.
    Your hair isn't REALLY long, but you'll probably still miss it.
    I'd definitely give it a try for summer!
    Your hair is pretty as it is anyway, so either choice you make you're good to go =]
    I'm hopefully going auburn soon. =D
    Have funnnn;]

  • Or, you could just add layers and do a neat thing with your bangs =] simple little things that will allow you to keep your length, but still give you that change you want.

  • I'd keep it long. When they have articles and talk shows about how to look 10 years younger, the women almost always have long hair. You're still young enough that you don't need to look 10 years younger. You look like a teenager! But I'd still keep it long.

  • I cut my bangs myself all the time, you just have to get the hang of it.

  • E. Leiby: Auburn is very cool! I probably will miss it if I cut it…

    Andrea: But… but… but… you don't think I can pull it off like Madonna? hahahahahaha Yeah, I don't think I wanna put any money into cosmetic surgery thank you. ;-)

    Erin: I was cutting my bangs myself, too… the first time it worked out great but then I tried adding more hair so the bangs would be thicker and went a little too far – at leat in my opinion. You're right, though!

  • WHy don't you color it like you want and then deceide if to cut!
    You can always try a trim and then go more if you like.

    Smiles, Cyndi

  • Why don;t you try your color highlights and then you can trim some and go for more if you like!

    Smiles, Cyndi

    PS: I had a blonde and dyed mine a copper and it came out strawberry blonde so I went for darker and it is still not a pretty copper brown. SO, hightlight away!

  • "Blogger Sherri @ Luv a Bargain said…

    I have been in your shoes often. I seem to go from long to short and then back again all the time. It's always fun to do a fun short cut..but I always seem to miss it long. Keep us posted."

    Sherri took the words right out of my mouth. My hair is thin like yours so everyone seems to think it will look better short, but I always miss it long.

  • I say a cut for the summer is necessary to help beat the heat, but I live in Arizona so… =)
    I think your hair would be cute shorter though, and hey, it DOES grow back!! =)

  • I'd do both, actually. I'd have it cut shorter for the summer – less maintenance and cooler when it's hot, but I'd have some foils done here and there to add some highlights. Just to "kick it up a notch." I'm forever changing my haircolor. Haven't really found one I'm in love with yet, but I'll keep trying…

  • I think it looks really cute shorter.

    Besides it will grow back if you don't like it.

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