Our small house has shrunk.  I’ve found myself bumping into things that have been there for a long time, but I swear the hallways are getting smaller!  Is this the Twilight Zone, or some kind of enchanted building?  It figures- we’re renting.  What if the landlord is really an evil wizard who cheats unsuspecting families into signing leases on houses that appear to be big enough but has secretly put a curse on the house so that it will slowly shrink back to a pea-small size as time goes by?

I’m sure it has nothing to do with my pregnancy.  ;-)  Imagining your house is enchanted is much more pleasant than knowing you’re slowly growing bigger and bigger and… who knows when it will stop?

I’ve been feeling baby Isaac growing stronger every day.  He is SO active!  I don’t remember my little girl being this active this early in the pregnancy, seriously.  He kicks, elbows, does complete flips, and pokes me all the time.  Yesterday there was an elbow or something poking me in the stomach and I tried to push it back so that it wasn’t hurting me, but he didn’t move!  Great, is this a sign of stubbornness to come?  I had hoped for a more laid back baby than Emma has been, lol.  Oh well.

I’ve been craving and eating so much sugar, I’m sure it can’t be good for me.  I try not to but… well, you know how cravings are.  They take control.  I never eat regular candy but I’ve been wanting things like Runts and Chewy Spree.  Weird.  Maybe because they’re a bit sour.

We found a park about 15 minutes drive from our house that has trails galore, trees and nature and everything I love!  I really love the smell of dirt and want to stay there forever.  I am so not a city girl.  Actually I live in a small town and I’m blessed to have a yard, but we live right on a busy road.  I want to live somewhere where I can go outside and I don’t feel like the whole world is watching me.  Someday, I hope!

I feel so fat.  I dread weighing myself at my next doctor’s appointment and seeing how much I’ve gained.  My rear and hips have gained as much as my stomach I think!  That’s just sad.  *sigh*  I have started doing the Walk Away the Pounds fitness DVD just to keep myself exercising.   It’s the 2-mile walk, though I only make it through one mile right now.  I know that walking is great exercise when you’re pregnant.  Hopefully it helps!  It does give me a boost of energy so I’m glad I’m doing it.

Emma is able to write the letter “A” now!  Is that common for 2-year-olds?  I was impressed and even got it on video.  Then suddenly she started writing them upside down, LOL.  I guess it’s easier for her.  But I figure an A is an A.  She LOVES to learn, it’s amazing watching her.  She practically teaches herself!  She can point out and name any letter and can count up to 20.  Seriously, it took like no effort on my part.  I think she must get that from me because I am an avid reader and have been reading to her from birth.  I learned to read really early, too – my mom said she got tired of me pointing to words and sentences and asking “What does that say?” and so taught me to read from then on.  It’s funny how some kids love to read and some don’t care at all.

I love Chinese food.  Fried rice, orange chicken, and crab puffs to be specific.

Next month the new Harry Potter movie comes out!  Yippee!  Now that’s a good excuse to have a date night, right?  And how long has it been since I’ve been alone with my husband?  Um… er… I’ll have to get back to you on that because I just can’t remember.

I’m looking at two handbags on Etsy that I want – I can’t decide which fabric to get!  What do you think?


9 Responses to Shrinking Houses, Pregnancy, & Other Random Thoughts

  • I feel for you with the active baby. None of mine were active at all. In fact, with my oldest, I would shake my belly a bit just to make him move so I knew he was in there.

    Great to hear that you are staying active. That is great for you and baby. Oh yeah, and I am super excited about taking the boys to the new Harry Potter film, but I think maybe just the two oldest this time. I think it may be getting a bit too much for even my 7 year old.

  • Ahhh… yes, the incredible shrinking house! When we moved into our house, we had 4 kids. Now, we’ve added 2 more, and there’s just no room to move! Our options were limited, though, when we moved down here, and now we’re kind of stuck. It’s going to be so much fun trying to fit 4 boys in one room.

    And I *so* hear you on the feeling fat. I am struggling so badly with that myself right now. I’ve got almost 3 more weeks until my next weigh-in appointment, and I’m already terrified about what the scale will say. UGH.

    This baby is way less active than most of my other pregnancies. My boys have always jumped around like crazy, day and night, and I could feel them really early on. My girls, though, have always been the opposite. In fact, with Lucy, they used to have to “zap” my stomach during my Non-stress tests to get her to move. It was horrible. This baby is just like that, so calm, it’s easy to forget there’s something in there – except for the fact that I’m 3 times the size I was 4 months ago.

    And I totally vote for the second etsy bag pictured. I love that fabric!

    Sorry for the long comment – you bring out the chatter box in me. :) It’s nice having someone going through the exact same thing!

    • Well, I went for the hummingbird fabric because I just LOVE that green, but I am getting a mini wallet in the tree fabric so I can gaze at the beauty of both now! haha

      Are you thinking that maybe this baby is a girl after all? Or not allowing yourself to think of it? :) I would drive myself crazy if I didn’t know what mine was! Wouldn’t it be funny if baby Isaac ended up being a girl after all… haha I haven’t thought of any girl names so I would be stressed! lol

      And I know, I always seem to leave blog post-sized comments on your blog, too. We must be kindred spirits! :)

      • There’s no way I’m allowing myself to think that this baby is a girl. I cannot go through the emotions of getting my hopes up yet again! :)

        Kindred spirits – yep! I’ll bet that’s what it is. So glad I found your blog – and you!

        • I don’t like frustrating ultrasounds. lol You go in thinking you’ll get to see your baby and find out if its a boy or girl and not being satisfied is maddening! Maybe it was better in the old days when people just waited till the baby was born and you can hardly feel disappointed over gender when you’re holding that little person. :)

          I’m still sad I didn’t get to see anything of my ultrasound until the very end. Selfish techs! She could have moved the screen so I could see it, too.

  • Great post! So many “random” thoughts, but all are well said! We always enjoy reading your blog. (As for your bag … the first pattern can probably transition better to other seasons. The second looks kind of “fall,” don’t you think?)
    -Deb for Ouidad

  • You are too funny, I love this randomness post! The bit about loving Chinese food is especially random:) I agree, it’s pretty good, I get cravings for that all the time!

  • Ummm… could you send some pregnancy vibes my way? I wouldn’t mind. LOL It’s amazing how grown up your baby girl looks in that photo. Can you believe we’ve known each other for um. Years?

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