Do you know how hard it is to get a 2-year-old to take you seriously when you are croaking like a frog? 

I’m on day 2 of a cold that consists of mainly a sore throat and sniffles.   Ugggghhh.   It’s not really enough to have me in bed, but I’m tired and overall feeling yucky.  Thankfully I’m not too clogged in the head, it’s mainly the sore throat that is annoying me, making life harder than usual.

Because, you know.  I can’t talk very well.  And when you have little kids chattering away at you, asking questions – or WORSE getting into trouble, it kind of puts you in a dilemma.

Being sick when it’s just you at home with the kids is a challenge, isn’t it?  And my kids aren’t sick at all, they’re their normal energetic selves!  Save me! 

Emma is pretty good about helping me out when I’m sick (yesterday she folded laundry for me and helped pick up around the house, and this morning she vacuumed for me!) but Isaac is 2 and not very empathetic.  We’re going through a particularly difficult stage with him, too, which requires vigilance and I’m struggling keeping ahead of him.

Hopefully after my coffee today (with a bit of cayenne pepper in it which helps my throat a lot surprisingly!) and some gargling I’ll feel better.  And I can hope that the kids will be angelic today…

(Secretly, all I want to do is have a Downton Abbey marathon!)



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