Look who got into the chocolate!
Yeah, I thought things were too quiet. I looked over and she was happily munching on chocolate chips on the floor.

Don’t ask me where she found those chocolate chips. She just did.

Okay, I left them on the floor. In a bag. It was meeee!
But she approves of my absent-mindedness.

Oh dear, what have we here? Mommy is just trying to take a picture of your cute outfit!

I know, you don’t want to sit still.

Maybe if you… okay, do your serious focusing on that toy. (She concentrates like her father, haha)

Her little cell phone from grandma and grandpa. “Hi, I’m Gabby!”

Showing me her toy.
Yes dear, I’ve seen it!

And my super cluttered bookshelves. We’re transitioning to new, better bookshelves. *grin*



2 Responses to Silence? What’s She Into?

  • At first I was going to comment on Emma’s cute little teeth, but then I saw the big Harry Potter box. Is it a box set? I a HUGE HP geek.

  • I KNOW, it is impossible to get photos at this age. Impossible, they never stop moving!

    Silence almost always equals trouble here.

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