Oh my goodness, I love these photos. :-)

It makes me happy to look at them. :-)

So phase II of Operation Root Canal was completed yesterday.

Yup, I have to go back AGAIN! Argh! My poor mouth.

They let me listen to my iPod during the procedure, but even listening to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone wasn’t enough of a distraction. Thoughts that were going through my head while having my mouth held open for two hours and being drilled and poked and prodded and who-knows-what-else:

  • I wonder what they’re doing now?
  • How much longer?
  • I am so going to tell the world not to miss out on checkups… this stinks!
  • How much longer?
  • *SIGH*
  • Why are dentists always so darn cheerful?
  • It CAN’T be much longer!
  • I hope my bladder doesn’t explode… (I had to giggle to myself while remembering that line from What About Bob)

    I don’t recommend that you drink a lot of coffee right before a dental procedure. It’s not possible to stop in the middle and say, “I have to go to the bathroom now or I’m going to DIE!”. I couldn’t even talk to them if I wanted to. I wondered if anyone had ever not been able to hold it and gone on the table… that would be sad. Very sad.

Oh, and at the end of the procedure (yes, it finally came though I didn’t believe it would… in time) the doctor stopped and said, “Well, I have some bad news…” In a split second my heart was racing and I thought, “Oh no, we’re going to have to be here another hour! Or there’s been one of those horrible complications he was required to warn me about before we started… I shouldn’t have signed that consent form!”

But no. He said, “I have some bad news. We’re done.”

That was so mean, man.

But I was too relieved to be annoyed, lol.

Thank you sooo much for sharing this post! :-)



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