The Small Talk Six topic at MomDot today is “Films We Had the Misfortune of Watching” – such a fun topic!  I’m loving blog-hopping and finding out what movies people really didn’t love… even if some of them I did like.  lol

So here are my six:

1.  The Happening. I was stuck in the theater and couldn’t escape (because I didn’t want to waste the money, lol).  I generally love M. Night Shyamalin movies, but this one was awful!  And really depressing.  I don’t like depressing movies.

2.  Mean Girls. I can’t even talk about it.  *gag*

3.  Cast Away. Did I mention I don’t like depressing movies?  This one isn’t necessarily bad, but it was sooooo sad!

4.  Bewitched. I love Nicole Kidman, but this was so disappointing!  Corny, and I really don’t like Will Ferrell.

5.  The Ring. Eeeeeek!  Why did my sister make me watch that???????

6.  Sleepy Hollow. So. Weird.  I love Johnny Depp, by the way.  So if you’re a fan who will defend him to the death, don’t hurt me!  lol

Man, I could go on and on.  But I won’t.  ;-)

So – what comes to mind when you think of movies you’ve had the misfortune of sitting through?


11 Responses to Six Movies I’ve Had the Misfortune of Sitting Through…

  • I agree with your entire list…especially Bewitched! Not a good movie at all!

  • I like 1 and 6…..but I cannot watch a sad movie and go to bed…It depresses me and I will wake up sad. So the happening in the middle of the day is ok…as long as I watch or do something upbeat afterwards…and Sleepy Hollow…IDK what it is about that one…for some reason I find the muted colors and Johnnys comical portrail of Crane to be peaceful…but then again I have weird movie tastes…the worst movies I think I have been forced to watch are…Sin City and I can’t even remember the other one but it was done by the same guy…there is something about a movie being done in both black and white and color that just ruins it for me…O and there is one where it was shot by the real people and then they drew over it comic book style…I don’t like that one either…and it had big names like Keanu Reeves in it..but it was just strange.
    .-= Cas´s last blog ..Snakes and snails and puppy dog tails…. =-.

  • I don’t want to get beheaded for saying this, but I can’t stand the Twilight movies! My mom took me to see the first one in theatre, and I couldn’t escape it. I thought I’d like it (since it seemed EVERYONE loved it) but I didn’t, and because I was there with my mom I couldn’t leave.

    I also have a hard time watching sad movies. I do like some of them, especially when done really well (like $3) but it doesn’t mean I’ll watch them again (like Pay It Forward). I try to stay away from really dramatic shows and songs as well because I’ve noticed they have an adverse effect on my mood. If I’m going to be sad, it should be for a good reason and not because I watched a sad movie!

  • I totally agree with Bewitched – it was terrible!
    .-= Janessa´s last blog ..Six of the Worst Movies….EVER =-.

  • I love all the movies you listed except Bewitched.

    The moves I had the misfortune of sitting through were:
    Lost In translation…snore
    Forrest Gump..Yeah I said it…lol
    All the newer star wars…boring
    The new Friday the 13th and all the Final Destination movies,
    Twilight, Open Season, anything with Vin Diesal..The list goes on the more I think about it..

  • oooh I forgot to add Balls of Fury and pretty much anything with Will Ferrell, can’t stand the guy…

  • Wow, lol I like all of those movies. Not my favorites, but I like them.
    Here’s mine!
    Step Brothers-Generally I like Will Farrel, but this movie was horrible.
    Fido-Zombie B movie yikes!
    Fish Reed-No story, and horrible acting
    Sherlock Holmes-yes, the new one, I love the actors, but the story was horrible.
    I’m sure there’s lots more, but that’s all I can think of.
    .-= Felicia @ LB&TT´s last blog ..Girls night?! =-.

  • Yeah, anything Will Ferrell is bound to be crap. I also didn’t like The Ring.

    My list would be something along the lines of 2001: A Space Odyssey, Citizen Kane, Annie Hall, Intolerance, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, and Easy Rider. All of those movies were torture to sit through!
    .-= VaBookworm87´s last blog ..Review: The Fiddler’s Gun by A.S. Peterson and Signed Book Giveaway!!! =-.

  • I’m sorry but watching “Bruno” was painful. I have a sense of humor but this movie was horrible.
    .-= Alicia´s last blog ..Cleaning Tip: Removing Rust =-.

  • Not in the theaters, but a friend of mine once showed me a video of Eraserhead. Man, that was awful. No plot that I can remember, extremely boring and weird stuff happening apparently because the director thought “hey, what if the chickens get off the plate and dance?” About the only use for that movie would be curing insomnia.
    .-= TechyDad´s last blog ..Our Week In Disney World – Part 10 – JSL’s Pooh-rific Birthday =-.

  • OMG, I love over Johnny ever since 21 JumpStreet!( Great am I showing my age ). I can’t wait to see Alice In Wonderland.

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