We’ve been learning about size sequencing in Emma’s preschool this week.

This particular bus size sequencing activity comes from the Transportation Preschool Pack @ Homeschool Creations.

I laminated the worksheet, cut out each bus, then we “drove” them in order of size.  I did help her with this activity – but she’s learning!  She knows which buses are the “big” ones and which is “tiny”.  I think when you’re first starting out it might be good to take out some of the buses and use maybe three of them, letting your little one put them in order of size.  Then as they get better at the activity you can add more buses.  :)

Other ideas…

Have your child make different sized balls out of play dough and put them in order
Make different sized foods for your child during snack time and put them in order
Have your child find different sized rocks, leaves, or pinecones outside and put them in order

More Fun Size Sequencing Printables

With Apples
You can find many based on themes and books here @ 1+1+1=1.



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