I really love my camera.  It takes such great pictures!  :)


Both my kids are growing so fast I can’t believe it.  When they say, “Don’t blink”, they really mean it.
They were all dressed up here showing off their new clothes.  No, we don’t dress like this every day here in the country!  In fact, this would be rare.  ;)  But the photos were too cute not to share.


 We made my kitty a scratching post!  Instructions to come.
She LOVES this thing.


The kids being silly outside.


Isaac and grandpa… making me a bed!
I sleep on a mattress on the floor no more.  :)


The landlords trimmed our apple trees down so that they would produce better fruit.
Talk about tons of wood to work with!  And play on.  :)


Emma and her beloved Collie, Tela (pronounced Tay-luh).


And a photo of me… because I’m working on not being so camera shy.  :)


Notice all the sunshine and green grass?  The area in Oregon we live in had NO snow over the winter!  Then we had a warm, early Spring.  I’m anticipating a pretty amazing summer.  Can’t wait to get started on the garden!



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  • I love all these photos! I’m coming over from the newsletter! I’m quite eager to read your post on saving money on kids clothes! :) Have a great weekend!

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