math manipulatives SALEI came across this sale at Zulily this morning and was thrilled to see the math manipulatives are so affordable!  I really love Zulily, they have the greatest sales!  :)

math manipulatives SALE

I own that Geoboards set (you get 10 boards and the rubber bands) and we really like them!  Don’t wait to buy these, inventory is limited and the sale only lasts for a short time.

Click Here to Go to the Sale!

The Math Manipulatives come from the Carson-Dellosa Publishing Company Sale, and the Microscope kit comes from the Young Scientists Club sale.  There is also a Learning Resources Sale and much more!   If you have trouble finding it go to “Shop by Category” and then “Toys and Games”.


(This post does contain my affiliate link.)

6 Responses to SO Excited About These Sales on Math Manipulatives, Learning Games, & More!

  • Oh Cool! I need some more geoboards (and a Zulily account)!!! I bet I missed the sale but I will have to check!

  • Does you get credit for anything purchased with the link you provided or only the products you listed? Want to make sure I go through the correct link.

    • If you sign up through my link then I get credit after you make your first order. :) They will have other great sales, I’m always wishing I had more money! haha I also buy the kids shoes and clothes for me through there… and home stuff… pretty much any category. :) I even bought our Reading Eggs subscription there! They have all my favorite brands.

  • Ok~ hopefully I did it right. Nothing I bought was what you had listed but I did use your link. :) Yay for Christmas shopping! I wish I could do the affiliate programs for Amazon and Zulily but… they don’t allow it where I live thanks to tax laws! Boo! I’ll try use your link(s) for both if all products work.

    • Aw, thanks! I got a notification so you did do it right. :) Yay, now you’re going to have a package coming to you, too! :) Are you sure the Zulily one wouldn’t work? You just share a special link and they put credit right in your account…

      • Maybe the referral link but not the affiliate stuff :( I checked with them and Amazon and other “big” companies. In the fine print they list all the states that they will not accept based on recently changed tax laws regarding online sales.

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