Emma using a toothbrush for the first time and taking it rather seriously… lol
(video embedded in this post)

Thank you sooo much for sharing this post! :-)



5 Responses to SOME children get way too into their cleaning routine…

  • I love that she's sitting IN the sink.

    She is very serous about clean teeth. That's a good thing.

  • She is absolutely adorable Lindsey!

  • Jinxy: I set her on the edge of the sink (with me holding onto her of course) when we first started out but she moved in there herself – it was so funny! And super cute. :-)

    She still is very into the tooth-brushing… in fact she gets upset when I say we're done and take the toothbrush away! lol

    TMWW: Thank you! :-)

  • That is cute. What a good idea to put her in the sink while she is brushing her teeth. Cute video!

  • That was Joshua's first toothbrush too! She's so cute, love the lip smacking, so funny!

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