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We have had some lovely Spring days here lately and it feels soooo nice to be able to sit outside in our yard and soak up the sunshine after months and months and MONTHS of cold rainy weather. Thats one thing about living here in the Pacific Northwest that I dont love – at least if it was snowy we would be able to get outside to play in it every once in awhile. But our winters are seldom snowy, it just rains.  Every day.

Because of this we have green grass all year long, but we don’t really get to enjoy it. I suppose the farm animals do, though.  :)

On the positive side, I dont ever have to shovel snow from our driveway or worry too much about ice. When it does snow it usually lasts a day. There was a freak snowstorm when Emma was a baby once that snowed a friend in with me for a few days – I thought that was fun.  :)  So yes every once in awhile there is snow.

Wow, I am such a rambler! ;-)  I was talking about loving the spring weather.

You can see why! Something about being outside… are all kids as content outside as mine? Im leaning toward a yes answer because I remember being busy outside when I was a kid. My sister and I would play for hours (in Alaska mind you, snow didn’t stop us) in our yard. We would pretend we were princesses on a perilous journey and we each had a pretend character name – she was Jennifer and I was Jessica. We were imaginative girls and I do encourage that in Emma and Isaac.

Emma is very imaginative, and I suppose Isaac is in his own way – he rides his bike, practices falling (more like wiping out) in the grass, and pulls his wagon around. He loves to leap from high places much to my horror.

Emma likes to wander around the yard talking quietly to herself (probably some of that pretend play at work), or when she finds bugs she befriends them and will carry them around fearlessly, carrying on a delightful little conversation with her new friend.  She really hates to put them back in the grass when its time to go inside and frees them with a very funeral-esque demeanor.

September 20113

I like to sit outside and read on my iPad mini or my phone, or do some writing while the kids are occupied. All the while drinking in the sunshine and Vitamin D!

Gone for a time will be the depression Ive been fighting over the Fall/Winter – its really terrible here when its overcast and I think I might have a touch of SAD because its amazing the difference in how I feel when I get outside in the sunshine.  I did start taking Vitamin D supplements which helped a LOT, too. If you live in a place that doesn’t get a lot of sun I would definitely recommend it. Decreased Vitamin D levels can make you feel like you have no energy and can cause depression.  Maybe just having decreased energy levels is what depressed me, lol.  It’s not good to have no energy when you have a 2-year-old with seemingly boundless energy.  That child can make a room look like a hurricane went through it in about 3 minutes.

I haven’t made too many plans for summer yet, I just want to enjoy our yard and the parks surrounding us, do a ton of barbecuing, and spend lots of time with my family.  We might try to head to the coast at least once but hopefully two or three times – it’s been awhile since Emma has seen the ocean and she’s been asking about it since seeing the photos from my ocean getaway.

I think it’s going to be a great summer.  :)



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  • What an awesome shot of that bug! I am so looking forward to the Summer…. it seems we’ve hit the rain all spring couple of weeks lately! We’ve been cooped up long enough so I’m crossing my finger that soon the sunshine will come back.

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