Yesterday was Emma’s 2-year doctor appointment.  You know, the one where they ask you to fill out a huge questionnaire on your child’s development?  Emma is doing very well and hasn’t given me anything to worry about for the most part – in fact, she has been ahead in many areas including being able to count to 20 and swing on a big kid swing all by herself.  She’s strong and isn’t afraid to do anything.  A blessing, but I do have to watch her like a hawk!  :)

There was one little thing that gave me a mild cause for worry, something I was hoping would simply go away on its own but hasn’t yet.  I noticed that when Emma was feeling tired one of her eyes would kind of turn inward a bit.  My husband and I thought maybe she was doing it on purpose, like trying to cross her eyes or something, because it would go back to normal after a few seconds.  It looked like she was staring into space and then snapped back to reality.  I thought I should mention this to her pediatrician just in case, and I’m glad I did because she knew exactly what it was.


It scared me at first – of course I don’t want my daughter to have any conditions with a forboding name like that!  But it’s basically “lazy eye” or the muscles of that eye being weaker.  I don’t know the cause, but  I was told that if it went untreated it wouldn’t be fixable, so it was good that I told her early.  We’ve been referred to an eye doctor and there are ways to treat this that include eye exercises and having her wear a patch over her good eye a couple hours a day.  The patch sounds doable to me – trying to get my 2-year-old to cooperate at an eye appointment is not something I look forward to, though.

Oh, and I also found out that my mom has a lazy eye, and I read that this is something that runs in families.  The eye doctor told her that it is something that could have been treated when she was younger but not now.  I’ve never noticed it so it can’t have been too severe, though.  Like with Emma, it must only happen intermittently.

Have any of your children ever had this?

I’m wondering about TV and if it could make it worse right now.  It’s something I’m going to ask the eye doctor and I’ll definitely be limiting television. I was already doing so anyway, but now I have a really good reason to keep her away from it.


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  • My oldest son had a lazy left eye. We did patching for several years and he also wore prescription glasses with one very strong lens to make his lazy eye work harder to strengthen the muscles. He’s ten now and we don’t have to do patching anymore but he still wears the special lens (you can’t tell though) His lazy eye is almost completely corrected and almost impossible to tell. It great you caught hers so early!

  • I would have never been able to tell! Well, if I was her mommy I am sure I would’ve. Don’t sweat it, I’m sure because you caught it so early on that it’ll gradually just go away with treatment. Thanks for sharing this on your blog… I’m sure a lot of people don’t really know about this condition… I know I really had no idea about it either!

  • A friend of mine’s daughter has this, a mild case. She has to wear a patch on the strong eye for an hour a day so that the “lazy” eye will work harder and be exercised more. My friend typically lets her daughter watch TV during that hour, figuring she’s exercising her eye a little more. I hope that catching it early works out in the long run.
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  • I notice my 2 year old was going cross eyed and when we saw a eye doc we found out she was far sighted in both eyes. We got her glasses and she wasn’t happy with them for a few days but now she likes wearing them. Its been 6 months now and we are going to the doc today to recheck.. hopefully the glasses will fix the problem and she won’t have to wear them for life.

  • You know, my beef with doctors is that they have a scary name for everything and make you think that your kid is the only one with this diagnosis, when in reality, most people have some “lazy eye” in their non-dominant eye.
    I’m sure sometimes it should be corrected in really pronounced cases, but most of us have lived full, normal and happy lives despite it:)

  • Oh my gosh, Tobin has this too! Our pediatrician said that he will have to wear a patch but when we went to the eye doctor they said he had to wear glasses. I wonder about the TV thing too…so keep us updated on what you learn. I think Tobin can’t see in that eye too well because I have noticed that he has to go really close to things to see. At least we are learning about these things now!

  • I have had it since I was born. I did exercises for it when I was growing up and it did seem to help some. When I am tired you can tell I have it but otherwise it’s not noticeable. I wouldn’t stress too much over it, she’s beautiful!

  • I had no idea that having a lazy eye could be so mild. Even in the photo I looked at it before reading the blog post and once you mentioned the eye I had to go back up and check and then was able to notice but didn’t the first time. With hers being so mild and only on occasion I probably wouldn’t have thought to mention it to a doctor. Good thing you did though :)

  • My daughter has lazy eye (amblyopia) and when she is tired her one eye does float outward. I blog about it often, if you ever want to write about your daughter’s eyes/vision on my site – I would love it.
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  • After the appointment we saw her cross eyeness is not noticeable but her left eye became more farsighted then the right so she needs to wear a patch on her right for an hour a day and is getting a stronger prescription in her left eye. Overall catching it at age 2 has helped because hopefully later in life she won’t even need glasses as we hope to strengthen the left eye
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