Yesterday was a gorgeous summer-like day, not a cloud in the sky which is practically miraculous in the area we live in.  It’s been nothing but clouds and rain and fog and depressing weather around here for months and months.  It’s been a very long winter and now I’m hopeful that there are some good days ahead!  We will be outside constantly I know.  :)

I got the cutest pictures yesterday – it was really the perfect day for photography.  And I was able to capture the pure joy in my children’s faces!  Isn’t it wonderful to live in this day and age?  We can take capture these moments forever!  I love my camera and feel so blessed to have it!

DSC_0194 copy


Okay, this smile is a little bit forced… like why are you making me smile right now, mom?  I have better things to do!

DSC_0241 copy

But I love this action shot.  lol


This is what I get from Emma when I ask her to smile.  My kids are so like their dad.  ;-)

DSC_0227 copy

That was fun.  We’re hoping for another beautiful day today!

DSC_0254 copy


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  • These pictures are awesome! I’m hoping to get the kids outside more now too. I’m hoping the sunshine does Owen’s skin some good.

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