It was a gorgeous day yesterday, it felt like Spring!  Well, a bit chilly for Spring still but with the sun’s warmth it was very pleasant.  :)  I miss days like this SO MUCH.  It has been nothing but foggy, overcast, freezing days, most of them pouring rain so it’s not even worth going outside to try to play in.  I am going to be so relieved when the days and days of solid rain are over, let me tell you.  And I know the kids will be, too.


The kids greeted their outside toys happily. :)

In these pictures Emma is wearing the dress/tunic top I made her a few months ago – I used a t-shirt from Children’s Place (don’t you love those sales they have???) that was still a little big for her so I put it away for awhile and it’s fitting much better now.  And Emma loves it so much, she calls it her “Cinderella dress” and insists on wearing it every day.  Now that makes all my work worth it.  :)  In case you want to try one yourself, here’s the tutorial that inspired me.

I also made the rosette in her hair.  :)  If you want one, I’m going to list more mini rosettes like this soon, but I have some oversized ones listed here.

Have you done anything crafty lately?



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