I’m a huge fan of swaddling.

My daughter loved to be swaddled, though she was quite the wiggle worm and eventually could wiggle her way out of any swaddler. While she was tiny, though – it was a life-saver at bedtime.

Today I was browsing the web and Etsy for swaddlers (just for fun) and found SO many adorable photos and swaddlers…

I want another babyyyyyyyyy!

Yup, just so I can swaddle him or her.

There are many beautiful designs and adorable styles that I hadn’t known about when Emma was being swaddled – I had to share them with you:

Bigger Brand Names

The Peanut Shell
(SO many cute designs!)

(I definitely want this one! Looks escape-proof… ;-)

Kiddopotamus Travel SwaddleMe
(Perfect for wintertime!)

Cozy Cocoon
(Oh my word, cuteness! The one at the very top is a Cozy Cocoon as well.)


Etsy Love

Papoose Swaddler
by All Things Belle

Boutique Baby Boy Summer Cocoon and Hat Set
by gemsbowtique

Baby Cocoon/Swaddler
by LittleDarlingKnits

Sweet Swaddle Sack
by Mamas Baby Love

Baby Blanket in Spa Dandy Damask
by thepatacakebaby

Now let’s all say it together: Awwwwww! :-)

Okay, the urge to have another baby has passed.

For now. ;-)

Thank you sooo much for sharing this post! :-)



6 Responses to Swaddlers That Make Me Go Awwwww

  • Hey Lindsey,
    I just saw that you are the latest follower on my blog. Love all of these! I'm totally with you on love for swaddling.

    I'm really glad I found your blog. Looks like I might be spending a little too much time here in wee hours of the night!

    Thanks for becoming a follower and I hope you enjoy the upcoming tutorials!

  • I just wanted to say that I saw that you recently followed my blog. So, I am now also following yours. My babies are now 12, however. But, I was once a mom at 27 years of age. It's so life changing!

    Anyway, I also wanted to say that your layout is beautiful!

    A Novel Menagerie

  • LOL Oh my goodness. Lindsey each one was precious! I think I liked the little cocoon one with the hat the best. Makes me want my own lil one too. ;)

  • Oh I Love the Boutique knit one by gemsbowtique and the Woombie kinda makes me laugh, but I bet it works great!

  • oh wow, yeah they are so lovely!!
    these ones are wonderful too and great for swaddle weaning (well was for our LO)! :)

  • I never saw this before. So cute

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