*I’m actually typing this with my 3-month-old daughter in my lap – desperate times call for desperate measures for those of us who want time to blog but baby does not want to be put down!*

I have this on my mind since Emma is growing out of her clothes so quickly. I’ve already given away two bags of baby clothes that were given to me and now I’m slowly but surely filling another bag. So, what can we do with those baby clothesthat are too small (and were only worn twice before Emma grew out of them!):

♥ Swap them for clothes that fit your child on ThredUP!  I’ve been doing this and LOVE it! More about  my experiences here.  Or find a group on Facebook that allows you to do clothing swaps with other moms.

Donate them – Salvation Army, Goodwill, Freecycle, someone you might know that has a baby.

♥ Sell them on eBay or Craigslist.

♥ Save them for yournext baby (assuming you’re brave enough to go through the pregnancy/labor thing again – I’m not sure if I am!  lol  UPDATEI was apparently!).

♥  Recycle them into doll clothes!

Or, if you’re sentimental about the adorable clothes your sweet little baby wore, like me:

♥ Make a memory quilt! Cut your onesies into fabric squares and sew together to make a quilt. Sounds so easy, doesn’t it? ;-) There are also places that will sew quilts for you from your baby clothes. Or you can have one made for you like I did!

♥  Put a scrap of the outfit in a frame with a photo of your baby wearing it.

Create keepsakes!

These cute little plushies were made from outgrown baby clothes (found here):

Or find out how to make these:


Or make a teddy!  (Or have one made for you)

Great list of things to do with outgrown baby clothes

♥ Re-use your baby clothes by cutting the bottom off a onesie and making it into a t-shirt or turning little pants into shorts. (I don’t like this idea as much because I love picking out new baby clothes, though – lol)

♥ Use cute clothing as baby room decor – little dresses hung on a clothespin across the wall, etc.

♥ If you’re a scrapbooker, use little pieces of fabric, ribbon, or buttons as embellishments!

The possibilities are really endless.  :)  What do you do with your outgrown baby clothes?

My affiliate link is contained in this post (for ThredUp).  Thank you for your kind support.


11 Responses to Sweet Ideas for Outgrown Baby Clothes

  • Those are some great ideas! I have a ton of baby clothes I need to do something with.

  • I had my sons clothes turned into a baby quilt and I love it! Now I am going thru my daughters stuff for her quilt! Great ideas!

  • Those are some great ideas!!! I’ve seen the quilts before, but never saved that many baby clothes. :( The teddy would be the BEST for us since my kids LOVE their stuffed animals!

  • I love these ideas. My mom is doing a quilt with my son’s old shirts now. I am going to try the teddy bears! How cute!

  • I love the idea of making the clothes into teddy bears.

  • I love those ideas! I make clothes for my daughters so the memory quilt would be a great way for me to keep the clothes and turn them into something useful after the girls are grown :)

    Thanks for submitting your post!

  • This is so cute. I love the baby quilt that a child could take with them through the rest of their life.

  • Thanks for the ideas and motivation! I was thinking of doing the quilt and now It’s been confirmed as an awesome idea. Thanks!

  • I came over from ‘best post of the week’ and thanks for the ideas. My babies are getting so big and I love the idea of a teddy bear or the cute little lovies. I am going to find some of their clothes now. Thanks again.

  • I made a memory quilt for my son and it turned out so cute that I am now making them for others!!

    Love the teddy bear idea!!

  • Wow those plushies are definitely awesome :)_

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