A very good friend offered to teach my kids to swim this summer!  Emma is over the moon about it, she loves the water.  The fun parts of the lesson are practicing keeping her balance as she walks across the shallow side of the pool, playing tag, splashing her teacher (they splash back and forth to get her used to getting water on her face and eyes), and dog paddling while she’s held securely by someone.


The not-so-fun part of lessons was learning how to put her head under the water and keep her nose and mouth closed.  I didn’t take photos of that part of the lesson because I ended up helping out with it and we went under together, but boy was she not enjoying that part.  She just wanted to play!  But it’s necessary for little ones to get over their fear of getting water in their eyes and nose, and she made a huge fuss if that happened.  Our goal for her was to have her go under three times, THEN she could ride the big inflatable whale.  So we did it together.  And although she was upset about getting water in her eyes and nose a couple times, the third time was the charm!  She was SO happy and giddy about going under without discomfort, and I was happy for her that she was able to do it.

Then the reward.  She got to ride a WHALE!  ;-)


We moved on to treading water after that, yay!   We’ll have a little swimmer here in no time.

And what about Isaac?  Well, this was his best pool time yet, he went under the water and practiced dog paddling, too!  He is LOVING playing in it.  I don’t have any photos of him swimming because I was with him in the water most of the time, but the photo below was his second time.  He was just getting used to the water (he as pretty scared at first) and is obsessed with this boat he calls “my boat”.  Who can blame him?  :)


How did your kids learn to swim, and at what ages?


2 Responses to Swimming Lessons – Emma Conquers Her Fear of Water (On Her Face) :)

  • My oldest and I were teaching my younger son to swim. He has a habit of wanting to try doing it himself without any help. If we keep working on it I know he will get it. My oldest learned to float on his back in the water from a lady that we met at a hotel we were staying at with the kids. My son was tickled pink to learn to float and from there he just started swimming all on his own.

  • Ha! Too cute! It looks like they are both doing great! Both of my boys are still learning to swim ~ the younger one is definitely more confident about jumping in and getting splashed! The older one has been in swim lessons forever and really never made much progress because he didn’t want to get splashed in the face. He has done better this summer, not taking lessons, and just staying with me. Hopefully now that he’s built up his confidence a little we can head back to swim lessons in the fall. Fingers crossed he’ll be able to move forward!

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