My husband recently changed jobs and we have a new insurance – my current OB/GYN isn’t covered on this insurance.  I was NOT happy about when I heard about it.  My doctor and the hospital is only about 5 minutes from where I live and I loved that.  It’s so convenient!  But the hospital and clinic I’m going to be going to now is about 30 minutes from us.  Ugh!

I have mixed feelings about this.  I actually have only seen my previous doctor twice due to her being always delivering a baby somewhere else or being on call the day of my appointment.  I think it’s because she splits her time between two hospitals.  Anyway, I like her but I’m not devastated that I’m switching because I really haven’t seen enough of her to know if I’m losing anything (lol).  No one actually recommended her, either – I just picked her out of the women’s clinic website because her picture looked the nicest.  And hoped she was sane.  ;-)

Now from the experience I’ve had with my new insurance/hospital, I’m actually pretty impressed.  They’ve been really helpful and sent me a very thorough pregnancy packet.  The difference is a small-town hospital (old) versus a bigger-city hospital (new), I guess.  I did some research online about the new hospital/clinic and found someone in a forum recommending a certain OB/GYN (she said the doctor was very sweet and cried with her once when they thought she might lose her baby, I thought that was nice)… so I asked to see her.  The receptionist said that that doctor is really popular so I’m hopeful.  Hopeful that she won’t be so popular she’s always off delivering babies, too – lol.

I go in for my first prenatal appointment on Monday morning.  I don’t get to see the doctor I asked for that day but this is just an appointment to get me established anyway.  The next time I can see the doctor.  So pray for me!  I’m hoping this is a good move and do trust that God will see me through this birth.  I’m trying not to be nervous about it.  It’s all a faith-builder for me.  :)

For I the LORD thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee.
– Isaiah 41:13

I need His help, too!  :)  Giving birth is kind of scary.  It might be my second time, but it wasn’t exactly fun the first time and I’m hoping it goes better this time.  I just realized I didn’t blog Emma’s birth story… okay, that’s going to be coming up.  Lucky you!  haha  I did complete a short meme on it, though.

Have you ever had to switch doctors mid-pregnancy?


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  • I’ve never had to switch doctors, but I’ve been in practices where you have see multiple doctors and “get to know” them all. That was a nightmare. When it came time to deliver, I’d pray and pray and pray that I’d get one of the decent doctors.

    Now, I live in a very, very rural town, and our OBGYN doctors are very limited. There’s the Hillbilly doc that will grab your boobs immediately after birth to “help” your milk come in. There’s the “I’ve never had a baby but know everything” woman doctor that I used the last time (that almost killed Parker and I), and there’s the fabulous doctor that I finally found, thanks to the recommendation of a friend that has also had very high risk pregnancies. I’m so glad I found him, and even though I switched insurance several weeks ago, I’m thrilled that he accepts both plans!

    Giving birth is scary – no matter how many times you’ve done it. I’ll be praying that you end up with the perfect doctor, and she (or he) makes you feel 100% comfortable.

    Can’t wait to read the birth story! :) Let us know how the appointment goes.

  • I’ve never had to switch doctors mid-pregnancy but I definitely feel for you with that! I kind of know what you are going through though because I am going to go with a different OB/GYN for my next pregnancy and I have NO IDEA how to go about that! My doctor is great but he’s really far and I had some issues when I gave birth to my son…he works at a different hospital about 30 minutes away from where I was delivering and since it was my first he figured I would take forever so my son ended up sitting in the birth canal waiting for him and he ended up swallowing meconium and his heart rate was dropping and he had to be in the NICU for 4 days. It was horrible and I had really wanted a girl doctor too. I had just picked my doctor when I was first married and trying to find a gyno and I flipped through the phone book and found one that I thought was a girl. Turned out it was a boy with a girly sounding name. He turned out to be one of the best OB/GYN’s in the state, but I never really connected with him. I want someone who actually understands what I am going through.

    Oops! Sorry, I am writing a novel here! Anyways, good luck to you! If you have any advice on how to pick a new doctor, I would love some tips since that is something I will be doing once I finally get pregnant! Good luck with your new doctor!

  • I had to switch OBs and hospitals between my first and second pregnancies because I had a C-section with my first pregnancy and wanted to do a VBAC with my second. My old OB would not do the VBAC and neither would the old hospital. Of course he didn’t decide this until half way through my second pregnancy. I was nervous about switching OBs but it worked out really well. My new OB was awesome and was very supportive of doing the VBAC. Now that I’m pregnant with my third, I am excited to be going through this whole pregnancy with my “new” OB. Although, in both my first and second pregnancies, my OB at the time was not the doctor who actually delivered the baby!

  • I was seeing an infertility specialist that I loved. He treated me like a human being an understood that I did have some nursing knowledge. When I got pregnant I was so excited until he told me that he retired from deliveries… that I had to find a new doctor. *sigh* I ended up asking people at my church for suggestions and five people all suggested the same nurse midwife. Well her office has two M.D.s, a NP and herself a RNM. I saw all of them off an on except the main MD and she is the one who delivered me! It was about ten minutes from our house as opposed to the 30 minute drive downtown to the specialist. And they were great, so for me it all worked out well.

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