Tatutina is one of those online gift shops I can’t seem to get enough of!  They carry the best kind of gifts, too – unique, useful, and with a cheery handpainted look for you and your kids!

But it’s their boxes that I truly love, because not only are they super cute – they’re perfect for keeping stuff in!  And they have a box for pretty much everything you could want: recipe boxes, dog treat boxes, take-out menu boxes, baby keepsake boxes, and memory boxes.  My favorites are the baby memory boxes, because you can put your own photos in them!  Tatutina sent me a Black and White Memory Box to review, and it is lovely!  Especially after I put one of my favorite photos of Emma in it:

I have this special box in a place that displays it nicely and it also holds all of Emma’s photos, some of her medical documents, and little keepsakes like the plastic name bracelet the nurse put on her when she was born (random things that were stuffed in a drawer but now have a special place).  It’s really the perfect depth (12″ x 9″ x 3″) to keep a lot of stuff in, and not just papers.  It’s made with a sturdy wood and is very well-made.  It is truly a keepsake box that is made to be passed down through the generations.

This memory box also comes in white, blue, and pink, and can even be personalized!  What a a wonderful gift for any new mom or a child’s birthday!

Also check out their adorable dog treat boxes.  I have also seen one of these and they are the perfect solution for dog treats or just cookies for your kids!  They’re made very well and the lid comes completely off for easy treat access.  ;-)

Final Thoughts: I’m impressed with the quality of the craftsmanship and creativity of Tatutina’s boxes.  They are a new favorite company for me, not only because they are super nice to work with but because their products are imaginative and fun!  Check them out yourself at www.tatutina.com and find your next treasure.  :-)

Buy it!

Want to purchase a memory box of your own?  The Black and White Memory Box is $30.00.  Personalized memory boxes and keepsake boxes with matching frames start at $29.00.  I think this is a great deal!

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I would like to thank Tatutina for sending me the product(s) reviewed so that I could share my thoughts on them with you!  Also a thank you to Chic Execs for connecting me with Tatutina.  This review is 100% my opinion and in my own words.


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