Welcome to week three of the Looney Tunes Eating Right Kids Program! The first week I shared my personal challenges getting my toddler to eat healthy, and last week I gave you tips on teaching your kids to make eating healthy a habit.

This week’s topic is “Healthy is not a dirty word”!

Does the term “healthy” inspire looks of horror or dread in your child’s face? It shouldn’t! Eating healthy doesn’t necessarily mean boring, tasteless, and inedible. You don’t even have to be a creative person (though it helps if you try sometimes) – just keep things simple! A couple of definitions of healthy I like

Healthy: 1. Having good health in body or mind; free from infirmity or disease.
2. Enjoying health and vigor of body, mind, or spirit.

So eating healthy is all about being healthy. Some of our favorite simple healthy snacks are:

  • Fruits (apple slices, bananas, etc)
  • Celery sticks filled with peanut butter
  • Trail mix
  • Pretzels
  • Snack-size apple sauce
  • Snack-size yogurts
  • Mini muffins (blueberry, etc)
  • Cheese and crackers

The way to ensure that your child is eating healthy when you aren’t with him or her is to feed them a good, protein- and fiber-rich meal before sending them off to school or wherever, and provide them with healthy snacks like the above. Then they won’t be so tempted to eat junk food later.

♥ Share Your Thoughts ♥

How do you ensure that your child eats healthy at school, daycare, or whenever you’re not with him or her?

What are some of your kids’ favorite snacks?

And don’t forget to head over to MomLogic for sample lunch menus, recipes, and tips from nutrition expert Haylie Pomroy! Haylie will be answering reader questions about nutrition and kids on September 14, so if you have any questions for her send them to eatingright (at) wb.com.

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And next week there will be a gift basket giveaway here, so stay tuned!

Disclosure: No products were provided to me in exchange for posting about the Looney Tunes Eating Right program, but I will be compensated by Warner Bros. for this series.

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7 Responses to Teaching Kids That “Healthy” is NOT a Dirty Word! {Looney Tunes Eating Right Kids Program}

  • Great post! And I love Loony Tunes!

    I recently changed my son's diet and it's made a word of difference in his behavior. No more candies, no soda (of any kind), and only 6 ounces of juice per day. I give him fruit instead, and no more ice cream!

    His late afternoon tantrums have all but dissapeared. Healthy eating helps moms keep their sanity, too!

  • Hi Christy – thank you so much for sharing!

    That is AWESOME about the tantrums! I'm going to remember this. I've always thought we would appreciate fruits and foods more if our tastebuds weren't assaulted by too much salt and too much sugar, too.

  • my son's nutrition has been a tug of war these days, unlike when he was younger, though there are moments when it's so simple to let him try healthy foods. i guess it all comes with proper timing, too. we love the list of healthy foods you have here, especially the fruits, pretzel,a dn yogurt :)

    doin my round of commenting on followers!

  • I so need to work on this with my kids!
    Thanks for posting~

    All That and a Box of Rocks

  • I feel fortunate we have started good habits young and have only given our 18 month old healthy snacks except for an occasional cookie when he does something good but even then we don't always have cookies around so it's only every once in awhile.

  • That is the hard part when they go to friends houses. But at school I know they are eating healthy because I pack their lunch with a sandwich, apple or a box of raisins, baggie with baby carrots or celery sticks and a juice pouch.

  • I pack their school lunches so I know they are eating healthy. Our school has a policy, no shared food, so I don't have to worry about them trading either.

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