Isaac had no teeth or signs of teething until 8 1/2 months, when all four front teeth (top and bottom) started to come in at once.  Youch!  Lately we’ve been dealing with a LOT of teething symptoms – drooling, clinging to my leg, whining, chewing on everything, clinging to my leg, groaning, not wanting to be put down, crying, and yes, clinging to my leg.  I forgot what it was like to be constantly tripping over a baby!

Anyway, nighttime seems to be the worst time, when he wants to be held constantly and screams like he’s dying when I put him down. Seriously, if I even start to lean down to put him in a sitting position on the floor he becomes a screeching banshee.

I know all kids are different when it comes to things that help with the pain of teething.  For instance, the things that haven’t worked for us:

  • Ring teethers
  • Wooden teethers
  • Homemade popsicles
  • My finger (ow!)

However, we have found a few things that do help:

  • An ice cube put into a small sock with the end tied in a knot (he goes crazy over that!)
  • A big cold carrot
  • His own hand (whew!)
  • Hyland’s Teething Tablets (They’re back! That link goes to the exact product I bought on
  • Distractions – like his favorite music or playing ball with his sister

On the worst nights I give him the teething tablets – I am so happy they’re back on the shelves!  So far I haven’t had to give him more than the minimum dose, so I don’t think it’s been too horrible so far.  They work really well, just as they did with Emma when she was a baby!

Unfortunately, my attempts to find these tablets in-store was thwarted, probably by frantic moms of teething toddlers who, fearful that another recall might be in the near future, cleared the shelves so that they could make it through the rest of their child’s horrific teething woes.

A curse upon them for not thinking of me!  ;-)

Here’s the best picture of his bottom teeth I could get – for now.  :)

What teething remedies worked or didn’t work for your little one?


7 Responses to Teething Pains (The remedies that are working for us!)

  • So this is no good for when the front teeth are comming in, but for the molars we used frozen organic waffles. I know it sounds crazy, but they are not too hard when frozen and they get back there. Teething rings worked for a minute or two at the most.

  • Gloria is going through the SAME thing right now! She got her bottom two teeth right away then nothing. Now, there are SIX swollen spots on her top gums!! Her top front are finally coming through, but the others are still right behind them and she’s in so much pain. … the screaming banchee thing: I know EXACTLY what you are talking about! Her’s are hurting her so much she cant’ nurse. And I’m concerned that she’s going to wean herself through the teething. : ( I’ve broken down and given her some baby tylenol just so that she can sleep and nurse. She doesn’t care for the icey stuff, and the homeopathic soothers do nothing for her pain. : ( I have some teething biscuits I made (which she loves) but when she’s already crying and yelling in pain – she doesn’t care a bit for them…

  • Wow, four teeth at one time! Poor baby. Jaxon is just now 8 months old…no teeth yet. I will have to remember these remedies because I’m sure he’s going to start teething soon. I also looked for Hylands in the store to have on hand for when he started teething and there were none to be found. I am glad to know the teething tablets are on Amazon (I love Amazon)

  • My 8month old is teething as well and it stinks! I hate it just about as much as he does, I think. He loves the cold carrots, too! Also, this is the first time I’ve used Hylands with any of my kids and I’m still on the fence. I’m hoping I notice a difference in his discomfort soon!

  • i have a 8 month old baby who is getting 6 front teeth on top and his molers i tried teething tables frozen washrags medicen nothin is working does any one have any other ideas

    • Wow, 6 teeth and his molars at 8 months! Poor baby! The teething tablets help us but there are times that he just wants to be held and nothing helps. It really just takes a lot of trying different things to see what helps your baby. Isaac doesn’t like teethers in general but he does like the ice cube in a sock. He doesn’t like to touch anything too cold so a popsicle by itself didn’t work but having it in a sock he liked. Or maybe frozen berries or fruit in a mesh feeder?

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