It’s crazy.  We live in the pacific northwest and before today had seen no snow yet, while people in the deep south were experiencing snowstorms that were shutting down the states practically!  Well, today we finally have some real snow coming down, and my kids are beyond thrilled.  :)


I wanted it on Christmas day, but I guess we live in the wrong state to expect something so… normal.  ;-)  I’m just happy we are now able to say we saw some snow this winter!  Poor Isaac hardly knew what the stuff was!  And winter nature study was kind of boring because there was nothing but mud outside.


I just love that last picture of Emma.  :)

Have you had much snow lately?


5 Responses to The First Snow of Winter For Us!

  • Haha! I love your dusting of snow! I wish I could say the same ~ this has been a bad winter for us and here we are buried inside again for the last 3 days due to snow and ice! It does look like the kids are having a blast though ~ if you have enough snow, the ice cream is super fun to make :) I LOVE her little red scarf!

    • I know, really! I grew up in Alaska so I know all about “real” snow… this is just light powdery stuff that will probably be gone by morning. :-p But I will take what I can get. :)

      Oh, and we totally did the snow with syrup treat! How do you make snow ice cream?

      • I’ll take the light powdery stuff! :) It’s just enough to make the kids happy but not enough to close you inside forever. I can only imagine that Alaska is BEAUTIFUL! I would love to see the wildlife there. The snow ice cream is just snow, milk, vanilla, and sugar mixed together…. the snow being the biggest quantity ingredient~

  • how cute,,in my house in Vermont we get tons of snow,,now my 2nd house in Tennessee has gotten more snow than we are used too,,don’t have the equipment to care for the roads,like the states that get snow regularly

  • What a week it was with all the snow! Love the photos and hope you most more! :)

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