Over the weekend we finally got a Christmas tree and set it up!  This is the first time since I have been married (ahem, 9 years) that we have had a real tree.  I have wanted one every year but it’s always easier, cheaper, and faster to set up our artificial tree.  This year, however, I was determined to have the real thing!  So while my parents were visiting (they own a truck) we all trooped over to a Christmas tree farm I came across online.

I forgot just how much fun it is hunting for the “perfect” tree.  :)  And having my parents there made it that much more memorable!  Both Emma and my husband had me laughing because they were happy with any tree, but each in their own way.  The minute we pulled up and jumped out of our car John said, “Let’s grab one of these little ones… how about this one?”.  I was appalled – drive all the way out to a Christmas tree farm (okay, it was a 5-minute drive) and grab the first one you see?  Inconceivable!  But it WAS freezing outside so I didn’t take too long to figure out which one we should pick.

I tried to get Emma involved.  “Do you like this one?”, I asked.  “It’s BEAUTIFUL!”, she cried.
I walk over to another one.  “How about this one?”
“I LOVE IT!”, she cries.
Okay, so she’s not picky.  Realizing I wasn’t going to stretch this out much longer, we went with the second choice.


We literally have no room for a tree so we chose a small, not-too-full tree.  It’s sooo much prettier than the fake one, though!  And it smells wonderful.


 I don’t think I can go back to our artificial tree again…

How about you?  Real tree or fake?



6 Responses to The Great Christmas Tree Hunt (Real Tree or Fake?)

  • We have a fake tree. I am severely allergic to cedar and pine and… (a whole host of other outdoor things) so there is no way I could bring one inside the house. I have to admire the nostalgia of the real Christmas tree from afar… they certainly are pretty! It looks like the kids had fun visiting the farm too :)

  • Loved reading your blog post. Our tree is fake. We have had a fake tree for years and years. I don’t know if I could get a real tree. I like that I can put the tree up in the garage when we are done. Hubby likes the fake prelit too maybe one day we will say “hey let’s get a real tree and all that jazz”. Plastic spend money once and keep it for years and years. . .until the lights stop working and the branches don’t fluff anymore =)

    • If I had a nice-looking fake tree I probably wouldn’t care about getting a real tree, especially as the kids get older. I think half the fun is going to the tree farm and picking one out, cutting it down, etc. I should check out the artificial tree sales after Christmas, though!

      • I am going to check the after Christmas sales as well. I would love to have a bigger fuller fake tree. Our tree is starting to look pathetic and the baby broke one of the branches so that part faces the back wall =). When we were stationed in GA there was a Christmas tree farm that the kids loved to drive past and always wanted to stop to get one. Maybe next year, if we find a tree farm here in Tx, we can pick out a tree (if hubby agrees).

  • What a wonderful adventure! You got to do with with your parents as well. The kids are going to remember this for a lifetime I am sure! I noted another commenters comment above and I ponder if my husband would be allergic to a real tree or not! I guess we would need to visit a farm first too see. LOL

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