I’m 34 weeks pregnant and have already gained 43 pounds.  Nooooooooooo!  At my last prenatal appointment, I was told to “be careful” and when I asked what the best way to not gain weight was the midwife told me to cut out juice and sugar.

Oh sure.  No problem.  That’s only like taking all of the light and happiness out of my life!

Okay, maybe a slight exaggeration – the truth is I’m not craving sugar quite so horribly as I was in the second trimester.  It was BAD.  I wanted it SO BAD I couldn’t say no to myself.

Exercise would help…

I started out in this pregnancy exercising regularly and doing a great job with it, but soon found myself unmotivated and just exhausted – I tapered off till I wasn’t doing much at all.  I know daily walks are supposed to be great when you’re pregnant and on and off I’ve done the Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds DVDs, which I LOVE, but my pelvic bones are REALLY sore right now and so that’s been hard for me to keep up.  I’m feeling like it’s all hopeless and counting on being able to get all the extra weight off quickly after the baby is born.

So plan of action for not getting up to 200 pounds in this pregnancy if I can at all help it: Eat less sugar (I say as I munch on a piece of gingerbread house) and try to exercise at least 3 times a week.  Eat small meals and make sure I don’t overeat.  Try not to die of starvation.

Trying to stay positive…

I know that weight gain is something that just happens when you’re growing a baby.  Especially if you’re not feeling great or are depressed in your pregnancy it can be easy to eat too much and exercise too little.  I just wish I didn’t feel so guilty, like I’ve been a total lazy pig – because I honestly haven’t!

This is obviously where I need to learn to have mercy on myself and just do what I can.  :)  It’s not all about me and how I look – I feel so much joy knowing my little boy is healthy and active and ready to be born soon!  And I’m mostly healthy, too, so that’s a blessing as well.  I have time after the baby is born to lose the weight and I most certainly will make it a priority when I’m feeling good again!  :)

Left: Erin@Connected2Christ.  Right:  Me.

How much weight have you gained in your pregnancies?

Do you have any advice or tips on staying healthy while pregnant?


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  • I feel your pain!! We share the same due date, and luckily, with this pregnancy I have only gained 9 lbs. I am still WAY bigger than I would like to be, since I didn’t even get a chance to lose all the baby weight from my LAST pregnancy before I was preggo again 3 or 4 months later! With my daughter, I got up to 185 lbs. (ICK!!!!) I now weigh 155. But I am short. I feel like I should be mooing,lol..I have been very careful this time around not to gain all the weight back. One thing that works in my favor is that I don’t have a sweet tooth. But I do have a weakness for cheese. Probably just as bad, considering the fat content. I have found that following the IR Diet has helped a lot. (I have PCOS and followed this diet in order to conceive my daughter.) It’s very simple. It’s all about balancing protein and carbs properly. Like if you wanted to eat some pasta, make sure you have a lean protein like chicken with it, as well as some veggies. So if I crave carbs of any kind, I make sure I have a protein with it. It has worked well for me. I can’t exercise now at all though, since this darn baby keeps me in pain all the time. My body is VERY angry with me for doing this all over again so soon,lol…Anyway, good luck! You look GREAT! Don’t be so down on yourself…(Like I’m one to talk there,lol…I am always my own worst critic!)

  • Oh, honey. Weight is such a sensitive subject – but even more so when you’re pregnant. I started this pregnancy out really, really overweight already, so I’ve had to be super careful about how much I gain. I’m now 25 weeks along, and I’ve only gained 7 and a half pounds. Of course, it’s helped that I didn’t have a Thanksgiving dinner to sit and enjoy. ;) I eat small portions, and don’t deny myself sugar – I just eat small amounts instead of large ones. My husband has actually gained more weight than I have this pregnancy. :) If I want a bowl of ice cream, I’ll have it, I’ll just limit it to one big scoop instead of 3 or 4 “little” scoops. (My scoops are never little.)

    Weight gain can really vary from pregnancy to pregnancy. With my daughter, i gained 80 pounds. I started at about 100 pounds and jumped to 180 when she was born. With my second, third, and fourth babies, I gained about 40 pounds with each of them. I never hit the 200 mark until baby #5, though. With Parker, I gained over 50 pounds, but 35 pounds was water weight from the pre-eclampsia. (It was bad. I’ve never been so swollen.)

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t lose the weight after P was born. I nursed him for 19 months, and I am one who can NOT lose weight while I breastfeed – no matter how hard I try. When we found out we were pregnant, My weight was already at 215. I’m 5’9″, but that’s still considered “morbidly obese.” (Isn’t that a nice thing to hear? UGH.) So, I’ve had to really, really watch it this time. I’m up to 222.5, and I’m really hoping it doesn’t go much higher… but I’ve still got 15 weeks to go!

    Anyway – I said all that to say this: Don’t let the numbers get to you. You WILL have plenty of time to lose the weight after the baby is born. And since he’s only your second, your odds of losing the weight are much, much higher that you’ll lose it quickly!

  • I had a sweet tooth really bad when pregnant with my first – and ended up gaining 50 lbs. (started at about 150 and ended just under 200.) But the weight did come off and within four months I was back down to about five pounds under the pre-pregnancy weight. This time around (with 8 weeks to go) I started at 150 again and am up 20 lbs.

    Lindsey, let me just say that, although you have gained more than you want, you still look great! Really! You look happy and healthy too!

    Sugar, white flour carbs and highly processed foods are really the worst enemy to the pregnant lady (or non-pregnant for that matter). Try eating more fresh fruits and veggies (which is harder in the winter since they are more expensive) as well as proteins (which counter your chances of getting preeclampsia). Fruits can counter your sweet tooth. (maybe :) or, instead of ice cream from a big tub, you can get those “Dibs” or some other bite size treat and just limit how many you allow yourself. Also, try Agave instead of sugar. I use it in everything! It’s amazing – sweeter then sugar, all natural from the agave plant, and does not spike your glucose levels like sugar does. Use it in coffee and tea, buy plain yogurts and add the agave to sweeten (yogurts are another thing with a TON of hidden sugar – sometimes as much as a candy bar!), you can even use it in your baking (if you bake.) Smoothies with frozen fruit, plain yogurt and agave could be something you could try for breakfast (or desserts!) And a good, healthy protein snack I reach for a lot is a hard boiled egg, smashed in a coffee mug, nuked for 20 seconds and with a pat of butter and some seasoning salt. So good. If you like deviled eggs, you should try eggs this way. Small meals, like you said, are also very helpful – keeping your metabolism higher. And try iced tea sweetened with agave as a juice replacer. I seep a pot at a time and then put it in a pitcher and drink throughout the week. Nettle teas and Raspberry leaf teas are awesome for pregnancy – I add some blueberry tea for flavor when I seep.

    Well, that’s my two cents! And any pregnant woman who loves and cares for her growing baby is **beautiful** whether she’s big or little. I wish society could lighten up and praise the pregnant woman for the glory she is!
    You are all fabulous!! : )

  • I gained 50lbs with my daughter ;) I feel ya!

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