When I was a kid, we sorta-kinda believed in Santa. Well actually, I don’t think I ever really believed. I don’t remember any turning points involving believing and suddenly not believing, anyway. But my family had lots of fun with the Santa theme – there were “presents from Santa” under the tree, and my dad would go all out trying to convince my sister and me that Santa had been there while we were sleeping. He stomped on the roof (in the middle of the winter in Alaska – wow, what fatherly love!) while my mom ran in to wake us up and tell us Santa was on the roof. We played along and enjoyed every minute of it, peering out the window and trying to guess where he was on the roof. Well, since my dad was never there when Santa was on the roof, I, being an extremely bright child (lol), must have figured it out. ;-) It didn’t stop me from loving every minute of Christmas, though. I think it bonded us together as a family in a wonderful way. I knew my dad would do anything to make us smile, and that meant a lot. One year my dad even set off firecrackers outside our bedroom window (I’m thinking the roof was slippery), and my mom told us that Santa’s sleigh was taking off. lol Those are really good memories.

I’m looking forward to the Christmases ahead now that we have a little girl who is sure to be at least as imaginative as her dear mother was as a child. If what I’ve seen so far is any indication, she’s got quite a sense of humor, too. I can’t wait to see who she develops into. :-)

To Believe in Santa or Not?

There has been some talk in the blogosphere about “lying” to kids by telling them that there is a Santa and letting them believe it. I hadn’t thought about it much before now, but I don’t believe that letting kids have some magic in their lives is going to ruin them. I don’t personally know anyone who believed as a child and is bitter at their parents for letting them believe. I myself don’t plan on trying to convince my kids that Santa is real (I won’t insist on it). I know one thing, that it’s a lot of fun to play pretend. :-)

So what are you telling your children about Santa Claus? Will you let them believe he is real or just have fun with it like I did as a child? Did you believe in Santa when you were little? I would love to hear your thoughts!



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