Emma is 8 1/2 months old now. I can’t believe time has gone by so fast. Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s not so much time going by faster as it is Emma growing at a mad pace.

“Who, me???”

So this week Emma was introduced to her first sippy cup.

She stared at it.
She looked at me like I was crazy.

She decided it was a device used to aid the painful process of teething.

“Am I doing this right?”

It works much better with some help from mommy.

She finally ditched it in favor of a cracker.
That was the first day. She’s doing much better with it on her own now, though still not too effectively. Oh well, that’ll come soon enough!



6 Responses to The Sippy Cup Predicament

  • Cute pictures! My son loves his sippy cup…until mommy walks in the room and then he seems to think he needs help!!

  • Gosh, yer pretty! Both of you!

  • Oh yes… we have that same cup. Monkey kept chewing on it and then proceeded to throw it across the room! Nope didn’t like it. I found that she LOVES the “nubby” kind. THen realized that it was the “soft” spout!! Drinks like a pro now!! Good luck! Nubby , gerber, and avent have soft spouts!!

  • Nikki – I totally hear you! Sometimes Emma does the same thing. Then sometimes she takes it away from me and wants to hold it herself. lol We’ll see how that changes as she grows!

    Julie – Aww, thanks! The last picture is way too close up but she looks so cute, lol. At this time I’m glad babies steal the show!

    Kelly – Hmm, this one does have a soft spout… or at least a rubber bendy one. Is that what you mean? If there was one that had an even softer spout though, she probably would like it more! I’ll check out those others. There were SO many sippy cups to pick from I was lost. Crazy.

  • Too terribly cute! Give it time…it will work :)

    You have an award, by the way, over at my blog :)


    Happy Blogging!

  • I love the looks on her face! I also remember just how messy crackers and cookies were at that age:)

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