I saw New Moon!

Yes, late last night – I just couldn’t wait. My dear husband watched the baby (okay, she was already in bed so it wasn’t hard), and a friend and I took off for the theatre. I hadn’t been to a movie since the last Harry Potter movie, so it was a total treat! And I had so much fun.

I had no idea what to expect. I love the Twilight book series (even if I do have mixed feelings about the last book…) and do enjoy watching the Twilight movie, though I did think the movie was a bit low-budget. I’d go into that here, but I’ve already done so before (go to my twilight movie review).

New Moon was a very emotional book, what with Bella’s depression over certain events involving Edward… and Jacob steps in. I have to admit that during this book, I couldn’t decide whether I was for Jacob getting Bella or not. I think I felt bad for Jacob. lol I had ideas about who he could end up with, but the final book in the series kind of ruined all of my GOOD and rational ideas. *huff*

Anyway. My point. I think that the movie depicted New Moon VERY well. Yes, they skipped a few parts and a couple of times I thought, “Wow, we’re here already?” But that’s the movie business, and in the end, I wasn’t disappointed.

I. Loved. This. Movie.

Seriously! I know some of it is silly. I know. But hey, I can be silly once in awhile! It was fun! And I’m not afraid to admit that I love Twilight. *flinches back*

Kidding. ;-)

Okay, I have to share some specifics. It was 2 hours and 10 minutes, the perfect length in my opinion. Any longer and my bladder might have exploded… any shorter and I would have been whining about parts they skipped.

So Bella. Bella, Bella, you suddenly look a lot older! That happens in your teens, though. Like me – at fifteen, AWFUL. Sixteen, a lot better. Wait, is Kristen Stewart a teen? Nevermind. The point? She looks great. Her hair is straighter at times. Or maybe longer, I don’t know. She still has that same sense of style, though – kind of a non-style, actually. I really love that because she’s totally normal. That’s why girls relate to her, I guess. Except for the whole vampire boyfriend thing…

Speaking of which, you know which scene this is, right? *huff* See, Edward is not perfect. He’s still a guy. (I have nothing against guys, but they’re human – lol)

Jacob and the werewolf clan. I loved that part in the book, it was so interesting finding out about the werewolf history and the details of the clan. Something they didn’t include enough of in the movie, but I guess no one wants to sit through a five-hour movie. LOL

I would. Totally.

That’s one reason I really like the book series – it’s not just a silly romance. The world that Stephenie Meyer creates is so deep and interesting, so much more than just Bella and Edward. I became very engrossed while reading it. Read more about why I love the twilight series here if you’re interested.

Anyway, Jacob… yes, I had to endure hearing girls (GIRLS? They were grown women! Crazy people..) squeal when Jacob took off his shirt. Oh. My. Word. So funny.

For the record, Jacob looks a lot better with short hair.

Oh, and the Volturi… remember them?

They make an appearance, and are totally creepy in a weird clown kind of way. At least some of them are a little corny in their appearance. I wanted to laugh, probably not the reaction I should have been having.

Dakota Fanning is in New Moon! I was looking forward to that… and she did an awesome job, though her appearance was pretty short.


New Moon surpassed my expectations! I can’t wait until it comes out on DVD, and will be waiting eagerly for the third movie to be released, Eclipse!

So I know you’re dying to see the movie now… check out the movie trailers to hold you over:

I’m off to re-read the books now…


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