And I thought I was creative! :-)

Tree Cozy by Carol Hummel

Lawn Mower Cozy

USB cozy from Hello Craft Lovers!

Fruit Cozies from The Indigo Phial

Apple cozy from Warm Fuzzies (I’m really tempted to try this!)

Guinea pig cozy from Crochet Cavy Cozies

From Tea With Friends – I love this cozy!

The following are from Margaret from Resurrection Fern. She has a really amazing blog – it’s filled with whimsical photos of her crocheted/knitted creations, her fluffy cat, and unique portraits of nature. Check it out!

That snail pic is something else! I would never have thought of making a snail cozy.

Sea Stone Cozies

Want some of her lovely creations for yourself? She has an Etsy shop!

What else can we crochet cozies for?



7 Responses to Think Outside the Box – Knit and Crochet Cozies

  • Wow! I’ll never look at stones or snails the same way. I’m working on some crochet embellishments and will definitely have to do a cozy or two.
    How about a horse cozy?

  • Yeah, you should try it! lol How about cozies for the Breyer horses?

  • Oh My Gosh, I had to say you GOT my ATTention! Grins! I adore that lawnmover and everything is too fabulous! Smiles, cyndi

  • Oh my goodness, who has the time to knit a cozy for a tree or a lawnmower? Those are certainly works of art. That snail cozy is great! I never thought snails were cute until now.

  • Wow, so many interesting, adorable ideas! I especially love those stones and those cute little fish. Who’d have thought??

  • Wow! Those are totally amazing! I knit, but I never would have thought of making any of those things. :P

    Love the tree cozy! Whoever thought of that is certainly an artistic genius!

  • I didn’t think anyone could make a snail look cute!

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