Remember the caterpillar we found not too long ago?  Well, we put it in a jar with some dirt in it.  It promptly burrowed into the dirt and disappeared, then I forgot about it for about a week.  I checked on it with some trepidation – the dirt was ROCK-hard and dry, and I was sure it would be dead and we would be forced to put together a funeral for Emma’s sake.


I took a butter knife and hacked away at the dirt, trying to find what I assumed would be a dried-up little corpse but instead… this is what we found!  A cocoon!  And the minute the cocoon is touched it starts wiggling like crazy.  I can almost hear the little voice inside saying, “Don’t bother me, I’m under construction in here!”.


This is pretty exciting – I hadn’t ever seen a cocoon before this.  :)  We are looking forward to hopefully seeing the little moth emerge.


I guess we had better get back to recording in that poor, neglected nature journal.  :)


2 Responses to This is SO Cool! (Nature Study Excitement)

  • Fun!!! I hope he hatches out! So exciting :) This is one of my favorite activities each and every year, even when I was teaching in the classroom we always loved it as well… the excitement and wonder of watching this truly never gets old!!!

    It’s interesting that he wiggled when you touch his cocoon ~ The color of his cocoon is interesting too… I wonder what type of moth he will be and if the cocoon will change color the closer he gets to hatching? You will definitely have to update his changes!

  • We have yet to do this. My girls love caterpillars, moths, and butterflies though so we will hopefully find a cocoon someday to study.

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