… that this is my first time making chili from scratch!

Serene's Company Chili (Trim Healthy Mama Recipe!)

Okay, I’ve made stews and soups before from scratch, but never chili because I was happy with the canned chili I usually buy (and it seemed silly to buy cans of beans and ingredients to make it when I could just buy a few cans of it already made and ready to heat).  But seriously, we have been missing out.  This is YUM!  I’m going to make big batches and freeze it.  :)

I followed “Serene’s Company Chili” recipe from the Trim Healthy Mama book, but did alter a few things.  
My additions/substitions:

– 1 can of tomato paste and one can of diced tomatoes (instead of 3 cans of tomato paste).
– 1 half-filled gallon ziplock bag of  pre-soaked frozen pinto beans and a can of mixed beans.
–  1 pound of ground beef (that’s all I had)
– 1 can of corn (I’m not sure how this changes the meal S/E-wise – it might be a crossover.  If you don’t want that then you can put a bowl of corn on the table and let your family add it to their bowls.)
– About 3 tablespoons quinoa (I added it in the beginning and let is simmer with the ingredients – you could also do as mentioned above but cooking it this way it wasn’t even noticeable in the chili!)

(These are not ALL the ingredients, you’ll have to get the book if you want the recipe – sorry!)

My family sprinkled their chili with cheese, added sour cream, and ate it with chips.  :)  

Serene's Company Chili (Trim Healthy Mama Recipe!)

It’s just funny to me how much better our meals have been since I started following Trim Healthy Mama recipes…


Oh, and after two weeks following the eating “plan”, guess what?  I normally fluctuate frustratingly between 135 and 140, but I’m down to 132!  Can’t believe it!  I am loving this!  Basically I have cut out sugar and started using stevia instead, don’t combine high amounts of carbs and fat, started eating breakfasts (I never did before), eat snacks three hours after my meals (I used to be a grazer), use almond milk in my smoothies, don’t eat bananas or potatoes, and stopped using those fatty coffee creamers every day.  But seriously, I eat butter, use half-and-half in my coffee, and I do NOT feel like I’m on a diet.  I know I need to be on this longer before I start raving about it but I’m really happy with this so far!


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  • I can’t wait to try the chili when it cools off this fall here! I have stayed away from beans since I started, but hope to add in some since I am getting closer to goal. Congrats on 132! I weigh in in a few days and am a little nervous after a month of crossovers.

  • 良い消息!良い消息!

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