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I know, I know – where did I go!? I guess I needed a little break because I just couldn’t seem to make myself sit down and focus on blogging for awhile. I have been thinking while absent, though! I’m not going to get into details at the moment but I’m brainstorming, trying to figure out how I can bring a little bit more of myself into this blog. A LONG time ago, kids took over – and there is nothing wrong with that, but I am hoping to even things out a bit here. Of course I’ll still share our homeschooling adventures, our favorite books, etc, (homeschooling and children are a big part of my life and I love it!) but I want to share more of the things God teaches me over time, what I’m thinking, etc, too.   Its not easy to do and is going to require ignoring the thoughts that often cause me to change my mind about sharing something I’m thinking… What if they aren’t interested?  Maybe that’s too silly.  I might sound like a do-do!  No more!  This is me, being braver.  :)  Also, I will need more quiet time than I get lately, but the kids are getting older and more independent as time goes on, and I need to reinstate quiet time for them again. : ) That makes a world of difference for all of us!  They are very much into the “I need”, “I want”, “Can you do this for me?” every minute of every day so I’ve been working on teaching them the importance of being quiet and happy with what they have for awhile.


So one thing that has kept me preoccupied lately is an impending life change for us. We’re getting ready to buy a house! Okay, that’s about as far as we’ve progressed so far – we haven’t even looked at any houses yet, but we are getting our ducks in a row and are beyond excited at the prospect of owning our own home. We have been renting a 700 square foot house for 4 years now and I never really settled down and did much as far as decorating because I didn’t intend for us to stay very long. But the time wasn’t right until now and as soon as the pros of moving hit me I became very impatient. We are moving closer to my husbands work (he drives 2 hours a day, sometimes Saturday!), want to have a fenced yard for the kids, and I imagine that any space we find that is larger than 700 square feet will feel like a castle to us. : ) We also have only two closets in our entire house so I am requiring good closet space… otherwise – clutter, clutter, clutter! It’s tough trying to keep this house clean, let me tell you. But the large yard was a huge plus after apartment life so that was all I really cared about when we moved here. The problem is it isnt fenced and is next to a busy road so I worry constantly as the children are playing. A fenced yard or safer, more private area to play in away from roads would be sooo amazing. Oooh, I am just so excited about moving! : )

Now you see why I haven’t been able to focus. I have been online looking at houses!  And watching House Hunters.

In other news, our cocoon hatched! I know, its a bit early… thinking keeping him inside the house caused him to hatch sooner than he would have normally, but we plan to keep him until its warmer. (I don’t know why I assume its a him.) At least I THINK its too early – we had a frost this morning but later in the day it was maybe 65 degrees, sunny, and there were bees, flies, and stink bugs in the yard. We took him outside today and he had a chance to try out his wings over a good distance – he flew from Emma’s hands about 12 feet away and landed on the lawn. Emma retrieved him and he escaped and flew up onto the house. Then ensued much weeping from a little girl who wanted “THAT moth!”, not another one later. Apparently bonding took place during the caterpillar stage. ; ) So of course mommy took a tree branch and he obligingly crawled onto it so the little girl was ecstatic again. Ah, dear. I remember a time a moth flying around the house freaked me out… incidentally, Emma asked if we could let it live with us and play in the house with her. I said no. I know, mean mommy. Would you like a giant moth zooming around your living room?


This is what it looks like when it unfurls its wings (image from bugguide.net):

So lets see, is anything else new? Well, I am currently trying to decide whether to use pure body art quality henna that I already ordered or use color oops to get the henna mix I have on my hair off.  (Update: Tried the Color Oops on a strand of hair and it really just turns it lighter orange so I don’t think that’s going to work unless I’m going to dye over it with chemical dyes which kinda defeats the purpose.)  My husband likes my natural color better, but I don’t. This is tough. On the other hand, I am not sure if I want to have to keep up a color on my hair FOREVER – dyeing the roots every month. And since I started dyeing it I have noticed my hairs everywhere which has made me paranoid about losing too much, ha!  This wouldn’t bother me if I didn’t already have very thin hair – I don’t have much to spare! They say that henna is natural and can’t make your hair fall out (like chemical dyes can), and that I am probably noticing the shedding more now because my hairs are so dark. This is very true because my hairs before were almost blonde and I never paid attention to how much went down the drain. And anyway, my hair definitely appears THICKER with henna so how can it be thinner at the same time?  I have been borderline obsessing about what to do and am starting to feel very self-absorbed which was not my initial intent.  :-/ Anyway, the reason I bought different henna this time is that the mix from Mountain Rose Herbs isn’t staying on my hair very long – my roots start showing within 2 weeks of applying and the color is fading out, probably partially because I have been using baking soda and vinegar to wash now and then.  (See the updated henna post here.)  Unfortunately it’s fading out to the orange-red color, not to my natural color.  It’s not terrible, just not the natural look I was going for.

 The Evolution of My Hair


Speaking of baking soda and vinegar, have you ever tried an apple cider vinegar rinse for your hair after shampooing? I cant believe what it does for mine! I can NEVER allow mine to air dry because its curly/frizzy and ends up looking really terrible without some management, but it is soft and has a lot of body to it that isn’t frizzy when I mix a little apple cider vinegar with water and pour it over my hair right at the end. I rinse it off under the shower and then let it dry. I love it! Try it. (Tip: Wash your skin right after this unless you like the vinegar smell. It doesn’t stay on your hair, though! I am not a fan of vinegar at all but I do this because I love the results and have seen a huge difference in my hair when I use it as opposed to when I skip it.)

Next week I’m going with my church to a women’s retreat at the coast!  I’m very excited, especially since my sister is able to take time to go with me.  She lives over an hour away so we don’t get to see each other as much as we would like.  This will be the first time in about 10 years that we have been able to have time to play together again.  :)  The week after that, my immediately family is traveling to visit family members we haven’t seen in a very long time – they haven’t met Isaac yet!  So that will be fun.  I anticipate being a very worn out mommy by the time April rolls around.

And this ended up being longer than I thought.  I hope you enjoyed this little foray into my world!

Now leave a comment, I love the conversations I have with you all!


7 Responses to Thoughts: This Blog, Moving, Hatchings, & Hair!

  • How exciting to get to move and buy a house! I love to watch House Hunters too, there are so many good ideas and extra things to think about too! I cannot believe that your husband has to drive 2 hours each day to work ~ is that one way?? WOW! Being closer will definitely be a huge blessing for you all, and think of the extra time to get to spend together!!!

    That’s hilarious about the emotional attachment to that moth! Lucky moth :) I mean how many moth’s can say that they have been so deeply loved and graced with human affection? What a romantic life for a moth ; )

    I love the color of your hair ~ I would be hesitant about having to upkeep each month too, but it does look nice. I guess I’m cheap because I just use the Garnier… I know it’s probably not the healthiest, but it works for me ~ I just got like 4 inches whacked off too so it didn’t take a whole lot to color my entire head… lol I love to keep the apple cider vinegar around, but I agree with you that it doesn’t smell that nice! There are so many uses for it though!

    Have a great time with your sister ~ that will be a great refresher for you!!!

    Oh ~ and I will give you a virtual toast to being braver! Isn’t that a journey we should all take! You never know who will be blessed through your writing and it is that “nudge,” on the inside that lets you know the direction you should go! :)

    • ahhh… shucks, the comment form left out my “coffee mugs clinking” virtual toast! LOL oh well ; )

    • The two hours is total, although some days it takes a little over an hour to get to work. When we had that big snowstorm (icy roads) it took him over 4 hours to get home. O_O So yes, we would save money and it would just be great to get to see him more. :) (Plus he hates the long drive – don’t blame him!)

      Haha, I have to tell you… I just dyed my hair again last night with henna and I don’t think I can take the experimenting anymore! Garnier is at least something EASY. If you hate it you can dye over it. Really, I think I’m done with henna. I decided to go more brown and it does look good and my hair feels great but trying to do JUST my roots is really hard! It went a little too dark in my length because I couldn’t avoid getting henna on it even though I tried. I don’t know, I’ll see how I feel later I guess. But right now I’m kind of feeling like, “Why did I experiment with something that is so hard to get out if you change your mind?” Oh yeah, because I wanted the benefits AND I had this fairy-tale color in mind. lol It’s just harder to keep up than I anticipated. Sorry to unload on you, but right now, I’m feeling like the henna honeymoon is over! ;-)

      The moth… she finally released it yesterday. :) It landed on the fence a couple times and she chased it down and picked it up (me flinching in the background, hoping he survived all the adoration), then it would fly away again. Finally it flew through the fence so she couldn’t reach it. We have something else we’re waiting to hatch… news about that is coming soon!

  • Best of luck with your house hunt. Have fun on your retreat. It’s your blog so always keep in mind that you can blog what you want. Don’t let the “what if’s” get in the way.

  • I am excited for you! I know how your mind can’t focus right now because we are doing the same thing! (Side note I always thought you were in a bigger place than us …. maybe because you have a dining room and a yard, and we do not.) House hunting is exciting and crazy! So glad that you are moving closer to your husbands work. I have been on both sides, driving that long is no fun, and missing out on your family isn’t any better. You know I have done the baking soda wash a lot recently, but have yet to try the vinegar rinse. Maybe I will.

    • Just getting a chance to sit down and reply to your comment. :) So funny that you thought my place was bigger! My dining room is also the school room, craft room, and the computer room (two desks with computers!) so it is in reality VERY cramped, hahaha. It seems especially cramped because I have an oversized table with high chairs (not a well-thought-out decision though it looked awesome in the furniture store!).

      Did you get a chance to dump vinegar in your hair and call it a rinse yet? ;-)

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