So I was in the middle of writing a post last week on Emma and the fact that she refuses to talk… when she suddenly started talking!  It’s almost as if she sensed the topic and decided to outsmart me.

She’s always outsmarting me, it seems.  When I tell anyone that she goes to bed at 7:30 p.m. every night happily, that night she’ll surprise me and not go to sleep at 7:30.

For the most part, I’ve learned not to brag share how lucky I am.  ;-)  But maybe I should start a post on her potty training progress, or lack thereof.  lol

Anyway, I don’t know what made her decide to start echoing everything I say and make more of an effort to communicate, but I’m so happy about it!  I know that people say to enjoy the quiet while it lasts because once they start talking they never stop, but it’s never really been quiet for me.  I’d much rather hear talking than frustrated whining or shrieking.  Seriously.  ;-)

Some of her favorite phrases and words:

(while gently stroking my face, my attempt to teach her to be gentle – lol)

(Usually said after she does something she’s proud of like throwing something away for me – and followed by clapping)

“There ya go”

(Thanks to my husband)

(The word that has driven me crazy because she really does think it’s a magic word… and if it’s not followed by what she wants there is crying and gnashing of teeth like you’ve never seen before)

(This has become a joke for us.  It started out being about Winnie the Pooh, but now she points at everything and calls it Pooh, then looks at me mischievously in the hopes that I’ll say, “No! That’s not Pooh, that’s ____” and then she’ll get tickled – she loves it)




Oh, and she’s been singing a lot – attempting her ABC’s and when I sing her Twinkle Twinkle Little Star at night she’ll echo “Twinkle” – so cute!  She also loves to count everyone’s fingers and toes.  A little bit out of order, but it’s so cute.

It’s so much fun!  :-)

When did your little ones start talking and what are the most memorable words/phrases?


2 Responses to Too Cool for Words (Or Not!)

  • My little guy is 22 months and really has just started talking. He is quite the character–his favorite phrases.

    “I KNOW.”

    “Me Boy”

    and “I GO”

    I know each child is different but it has been fun to hear his little voice, and see all he is learning!

    • So cute! And so funny that they pick and choose what words and phrases they want to say. You can lead a horse to water… lol

      “I Know” already? haha Kids are so funny. Nothing could have prepared me for this much character at such a young age. :-) I mean, weren’t they just born? (Mine is 23 months)

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