Don’t you love printables? I know I do!

There’s so much scope for the imagination, isn’t there? ;-) Click on the pictures to go to the project!

First, my absolute FAVORITE printables, these boy and girl paper dolls! Thanks to Babalisme for sharing this genius with the blogosphere!


Owlie gift tags from Readers Digest
Black cat streamers
(I love the expressions! lol)

Scary halloween door hanger
from FamilyFun


Black cat party hat
(This looks cute! It’s supposed to be a witch’s hat but I think it would be super cute as a party hat without the brim, too)


Halloween Goodie Bag
from Reader’s Digest

Share Your Thoughts

Are you making anything yourself for Halloween decor or accessories?

Which of these projects is your favorite?

Leave a comment if you have a moment –
It’ll make me soooo happy! :-)


3 Responses to Too-Cute {Free} Halloween Printables!

  • I love the goodie bag:) I'm a sucker for anything with a pretty ribbon.

  • I'm glad you posted this because I only knew of the girl paper dolls and now I downloaded the boy ones too. They are so cute.

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